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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Are We Still Debating Darfur?
I was watching CSPAN a couple weeks ago and saw a guy by the name of Coby Rudolph of the Save Darfur Coalition. The guy, bless his soul, is still trying to bring attention, and presumably, American intervention into Sudan. I know certain people are trying to make a big deal about the situation there, and rightfully so, but do we really want to intervene in a civil war in another Islamic country?

I thought this debate was over a long time ago. I thought we didn't want to send American soldiers to intervene in foreign conflicts. I thought we were supposed to just leave the Muslims alone because intervening just makes them hate us even more. I thought optional wars were bad.

Let me guess. We will be greeted as liberators and won't have to do much fighting...that sounds familiar.

Do these people (mostly liberals) realize that this is the same logic that President Bush used to invade Iraq. The same! Isn't it ironic that the same people who would so easily call him an idiot, also easily adopt his foreign policy?

Do you realize these people in Sudan have been fighting each other for decades? American cowboys are not going to be able to ride in and save the people there over night.

When we invaded Iraq, the economic costs and time table were downplayed. The people advocating the war thought it would be easy and over in a couple of months. Unfortunately, that was not true.

The Darfur advocates are making the same mistake. While watching CSPAN, there was no mention of costs or a time table, or even a specific strategy of how to save the people in Darfur. It is a two word argument: save Darfur.

How about not. How about we don't save Darfur. Why don't we finish what we started and save Iraq and Afghanistan. How can you advocate the start of a third war when we are barely winning (some would say losing) two others. Who in their right mind would want that?

I know the Darfur advocates want to save people and have good intentions, but so did the people wanted to invade Iraq. Prior to our invasions, Iraq and Afghanistan were both just as messed up as Sudan is right now. So what makes Sudan so important?

It isn't important. Unlike Iraq, there aren't even fake reasons to intervene in Sudan. Unfortunately, that is reality.

If we ever do invade Sudan, expect more of the same. We will send too few troops, who start as peace keepers. As time passes we will realize we need a little more force and will move to a more aggressive strategy. This will inevitably make the Muslims mad and will create a new wave of radicals who come from all over the Islamic world to kill us. We will have two choices when this happens. We can run like we did in Somalia, in which case the whole thing would have been useless. Or we can stay, and have it turn into another Iraq.

All of this so we can achieve what national goal? To feel better about slavery? When we invaded Iraq, they said there were dozens of dictators, so why focus on Saddam. Regarding Darfur I would say there are a many civil wars with no significance to American interests, why Sudan?
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