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Friday, August 03, 2007
Obama Turns World Against US
What do you think this picture is portraying? I am sure you think this is a protest in a Muslim country regarding President Bush and his policies. At least that is what most people would probably think. It is actually a protest regarding some comments that senator Obama made within the past week.

For those of you who missed it, the senator from Illinois said he would basically invade Pakistan in order to hunt down Osama bin Laden. He didn’t quite use those words, but that's effectively what it would be if he sent US troops into Pakistan without permission.

Most experts believe that Osama is hiding in an area along the Afghanistan and Pakistan border. President Bush has avoided entering Pakistan at the request of Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf. Apparently, President Bush has calculated it is better to keep Pakistan on our good side and sacrifice capturing bin Laden in the short run in return for long run cooperation with the worlds second most populated Muslim country and the only country with an Islamic majority that is a nuclear power.

Of course, there are many problems with Obama's tough stance against Pakistan. For instance, the population of Pakistan (165 million) is about six times that of Iraq (27 million) yet the geographical size is only twice as much. What does this tell us? Pakistan is densely populated. There would be a lot of urban fighting. Therefore, fighting in Pakistan would involve substantial collateral damage and could very possibly create more enemies than invading Iraq.

Another problem is that it is the second most populated Islamic country. With that comes a diverse range of religious views similar to what exists in Iraq. With that comes instability. The government in Pakistan has a fragile hold on the country as it is. If we were to invade, it could erode the support that the current (pro-US) government has and create a vacuum that would most likely be filled by a faction of religious fanatics.

This would pose an enormous threat to the United States and the world. Pakistan has nuclear weapons. The last thing the world needs is for those weapons to fall into the hands of extremists who have proven they have a willingness to destroy innocent life to further their cause.

Obama’s statements have been heard in Pakistan, and as one can imagine, he is not doing anything to improve America’s image there.
"It's a very irresponsible statement, that's all I can say," Pakistan's Foreign Minister Khusheed Kasuri told AP Television News. "As the election campaign in America is heating up we would not like American candidates to fight their elections and contest elections at our expense."
Obama: the wrong candidate at the wrong time for the wrong job. He is obviously clueless about this situation and is a danger is US national security.
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