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Monday, August 20, 2007
Hurray For Immigrants!
I am sure you have heard of the execution of three college students in New Jersey by a couple scumbag illegal immigrants…

They sure are good at doing "work" Americans wont do. Lynchings have been out of style for a while now. It sure looks like they are doing their best to set us back 50 years.

I must be honest, there is no real evidence to suggest that these were racially motivated crimes other than the fact that the people committing the crimes were Hispanic and the victims were black.

However, you know if a group of whites did this to any group of minorities that it would automatically be considered a hate crime. In fact, many of these logic devoid “immigrant rights” losers think that simply wanting to enforce immigration laws is racist. They call the Minute Men racist with absolutely no evidence to suggest that they are.

While Mexicans are protected from illegal immigrants invading their southern border, they cry racism when America does the same thing they expect their government to do. Lets face it, anyone who can honestly hold those beliefs is too stupid to be an American. Deport them all.

Back to the point…using that logic, this must have been a hate crime. Of course that assumption is backed up by many crimes that are known to be race related between blacks and Hispanics. Lets face it, the same people (Hispanics) who say Americans are racist for not wanting them in this country aren’t exactly the most tolerant people on the face of the planet.

Speaking of deportation…we finally got rid of Elvira Arellano. It’s good that mess is finally over. You can read her story here if you don’t know. The best part about her being deported is that she actually looks like an alien.

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