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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Democrat(s) Divider, Not Uniter
After all the garbage we hear from Democrats who supposedly want a president who unites the country, rather than divides it, you would think they would put forth some effort to pretend to believe that statement. What am I talking about you ask?

Well it turns out that North Dakota Congressman Earl Pomeroy called President Bush a "clown" in an internet video. Certainly this isn’t the most offensive or controversial thing said about the president, but consider the fact that this man is an elected official rather than some schmuck on the internet.

Why is it a big deal? It really isn’t. No one cares about the congressman from North Dakota. No one knows his name. I still don’t know his name even though I just wrote it in the last paragraph. So this could have something to do with getting attention from the national media.

The only reason I even mention this incident is because we hear Democrats all the time saying how President Bush had a chance to unite the country after 9/11 and he failed to do so because of his divisive policies. That is only half true.

Had Iraq turned out as anything but a complete hellhole, the country would not be divided right now. No matter how much the extreme anti-war crowd likes to think, people do not care about us not finding WMD. They don’t even care about being lied to (even though I don’t think that is what happened). They care that America is losing a war. That’s it. If Iraq had been a relatively normal place prior to our invasion, then that would not be the case. Americans don’t want to go around invading normal countries. Iraq, despite attempts from the left to paint the picture otherwise, was nowhere near normal. It was a hellhole dictatorship run by sadistic psychopaths. We had a chance to do some good there, and Americans are open to that (which is why so many want to go into Darfur).

The point is that there really aren’t that many (if any at all) uniters in high leadership positions right now. In fact, I would say that there is a serious leadership deficit in the US. Why are there no leaders who are true uniters? The fact is, no one on either sides actually wants a uniter. Unfortunately, the people who actually pay attention to politics despise the each others outlook on life and the world.

The last thing conservatives want is a so called conservative who can "understand" abortion, high taxes, and gun control. Liberals are the same way. They don’t want to elect someone who believes we have the right to bare arms (even though it is spelled out in plain English in our constitution and you have to border on mental disability to not see that), or that gay marriage is wrong (how dare you judge someone else!), or especially the idea that low taxes are ideal.

So I guess my point is that liberals need to stop pretending. Everyone knows conservatives don’t want compromise (it’s a stereotype whether it’s true or not). Liberals, who are probably even less open to compromise, need to acknowledge that they are just as divisive, and add just as much of the shrill comments to the debate (if not more) than conservatives.
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