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Sunday, August 26, 2007
Bush Maid Da Unemployment Rate 2 Lo!
Normally a high unemployment rate is seen as bad, and a low unemployment rate is good. However, I just read an article that suggests otherwise.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports the mountain West region - covering eight states along the Rocky Mountains - has the lowest overall unemployment rate in the nation. The region hit an all-time low of 3.4 percent in May.
Wow that Bush economy is kicking ass right? WRONG!

The problem has created longer hours and tougher working conditions for current employees.
That sentence wants to make me rip my eyes out. For those who don't understand the current situation, let me explain.

President Bush entered the White House in 2001 as we all know. At the time everything seemed good. The economy was strong (at least that’s what we thought at the time) and unemployment was near historic lows.

Then 9/11 happened coupled with the Internet bubble which set our economy back. Many dishonest people along with many retarded Democrats blamed it on Bush.

President Bush then cut taxes in an attempt to strengthen the economy. Ever since then more retarded Democrats have been complaining that those tax cuts only helped certain people and blablabla.

The fact is, tax cuts are not an over night fix. In fact, there is no way to fix an economy over night. All you can do is put in place the right policies and hope for the best. It can take months or years to get out of an economic mess.

Anyways, eventually our economy started to grow again and the unemployment rate came down. Where the Dems happy? That is rhetorical...most Dems are not happy people. Everyone knows that. In fact, polls have shown in the past the Republicans generally have a more positive outlook than Democrats. Back to the point...

Since they couldn't complain about economic growth or unemployment, they started complaining about wages. Frankly, what they complain about is true. Until this past year, much of the economic growth was not reflected in wages. What they won't tell you is that this is normal. If your company starts making money today, will you give all your employees instant raises? Such knee jerk reactions can lead to economic instability and should be avoided.

Addressing the wages issue, this is what the article said:

In Utah - where unemployment rates have been hovering around 2.5 percent - amusement parks, trucking companies, telemarketing firms and others have been paying bonuses of hundreds of dollars or more to find workers.
This trend has led workers in Utah to see "a 5.4 percent average wage increase in 2006", according to the article.

So now that they can't complain about wages staying stagnant, they have had to change the argument again. The unfortunate thing about all of this is that this is how our economy works. It is normal. It is in no way new or exclusive to the Bush economy. When an economy is in recovering, it starts with economic growth, which leads to falling unemployment, and ends with wages going up. These retards need to wise up...and that is all they are...retards.

All the while there are still people out there saying we need illegals to do our work for us. We already have a bunch of people in America making just so so livings, and we want to let more illegals in whose only effect on the economy will be to suck up our tax dollars with their generous use of our safety nets, and depressing the wages for working class people...great plan morons.
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Anonymous Rama's SCREEN said...
3:10 TO YUMA Movie Review is up at Rama's SCREEN :)

Have you seen the movie 'No end in Sight'?
I watched it a few weeks ago and I'm having dilemma reviewing it on my site cause I'm not as politically sound as you are.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
well since we have a rise in unemployment this quarter, does your logic imply it is because of bush policies?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Are you trying to be funny?

Unemployment rates can be effected by a presidential policies, but sometimes people go to far. The economy is not run by the president. Natural fluctuations occur with unemployment all the time.

If you look at a graph of the unemployment over the past 50 years, it constantly moves. It never stays the same.

If anything, I would say the last four presidents (Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and G-Dub) all deserve credit for contributing to a downward trend of unemployment.

As for unemployment being on the is due to start rising again. I am not an economist, but any monkey that looks at the history of unemployment in this country could tell you what is going to happen.

It will happen no matter who is president and no matter what their policies are. The question is how bad will it be and how long will it last.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well i was trying to be satirical at best funny, My point was that this was far too little data to give bush credit for anything.

My opinion of how Bush handles the economy would probably more in line with probably the two best known republican economists, Alan Greenspan and Ben stein.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Again my point was not to say that Bush's economy is great. Just to point out the lengths certain mentally retarded elements will go to to try and pin something negative onto the president.

Something tells me that you would have no problem giving Clinton credit for a strong economy in the 90s. I could be wrong and correct me if I am.

If you give Clinton credit for his bs economy based on the little evidence that exists, then you should do the same for Bush.

I don't really credit either with anything more than keeping unemployment low. No president runs the economy or is the major driving force behind anything economical. Presidents don't deserve much of the credit or blame they get.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Bush is doing horrible with the dollar, It just reached a new low, one Canadian dollar will get You 1.10 U.S. This is made even worse by our trade deficit.

Bush spends too much money. I really don't think we can afford him much longer. But let me guess the The president policies only have a minimal effect on the dollar just like the economy. Right?

Blogger Media Tycoon said...
The strength of the dollar is something I do not know much about. I do not know the effect the president has on currency. For arguments sake, let's say he can effect the value of the dollar. If that is true, I am sure Bush is purposefully deflating its value in order to help American exports.

The trade deficit is something the president has NO control over what so ever (unless you want him to unilaterally nullify every trade agreement we have). Everyday consumers control that.

I do believe he spends too much, however, with the current deficit we have, we could continue on indefinitely. To say we can't afford him or spending habits like his is untrue. Do not forget, the reason we have all these spending obligations is by and large thanks to Democrats.

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