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Monday, July 09, 2007
Democrats are Warmongers
I think I know why Democrats are so pro-Mexican immigration (that’s right, pro-Mexican immigration, not pro-immigration…there is a difference).

I was in a discussion with a friend a week or two ago and somehow the idea that “Republicans like to start wars” came up. For some reason, this triggered something in my brain to actually think through all the major US wars and who was actually president during those times.

As you may or may not know, Democrats have been the party of war throughout our nation’s history. Think about it:

Mexican American War – Polk (D)
The Civil War – Davis (D)
The Spanish American War – McKinley (R)
WWI – Wilson (D)
The Korean War – Truman (D)
Vietnam – Johnson (D)
Iraq II – Bush (R)

I know what you are thinking, Davis didn’t start the Civil War, it was Lincoln. Well that is true, but the South (which is/was part of America) started the Civil War and their president was Jefferson Davis, so he gets credit for starting it, not Lincoln.

Ironically, every one of these wars has some sort of conspiracy theory behind it that some people believe proves the war was started maliciously.

It is one of those things I always knew, but didn’t quite put together for practical and current event purposes. For instance, everyone knows that the neo-cons are all Democrats who have been forced to abandon their party because of its radical anti-war sentiments.

Anyways, the point is, I eventually went all the way back to the Mexican-American war and realized that James K. Polk, (Democrat) was the president who is responsible for “stealing” away half of Mexico.

Let’s face it, the Democrats have a very embarrassing history. It is no wonder they cater so hard for the rights of blacks and Hispanics…because they are the ones that screwed over blacks and Hispanics in the first place. So of course they should be the ones to make amends.
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Anonymous Scott Ryan said...
reat job done

Anonymous Anonymous said...
In my opinion, you can add Kosovo as a war started by Clinton ...

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