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Friday, July 27, 2007
Bush Crackdown of Corporate Malfeasance
Today I was browsing YouTube when I came across an Al Jazeera video featuring a woman whose beauty surpasses that of most of the FOXNEWS babes.

After seeing the video I decided to go to the Al Jazeera English website and see what kind of stories I would find on it. For the record, I have been there before, and I don’t consider it a terrorist network as some have labeled it.

Anyways I came across an interesting story regarding US corporate presence overseas.
A US jury has decided that an American coal company was not responsible for the killing of three union leaders at a Colombian mine in 2001.

The jurors in Alabama on Thursday rejected charges that coal giant Drummond had hired right-wing paramilitary gunman to kill employees and union leaders in La Loma.
Ok so far so good…
The case was seen as a test of whether American firms can be held responsible in US courts for alleged misconduct abroad.
This is kind of an absurd statement for anyone who knows Americans. We like money, but most people in America would not put corporate profits over human life.
There are about 15 similar cases pending in US courts against corporations for alleged human rights abuses committed overseas.

The action began in 2001 under an 18th century law which allows foreigners to sue American firms in a US court.
Did you just read what I read. In 2001 you say? Isn’t that about the time George W. Bush became president? I am being facetious of course. It is ironic that George W. Bush could be responsible for this push for corporate responsibility. This is the same man from the same party that many liberals say pander to corporations and their interests.

I don’t know what else to say…just more proof that liberals live in a fictitious world I suppose.
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