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Monday, June 25, 2007
Tax Evaders Lucky Clinton Not President
Apparently there are a couple government haters holed up in New Hampshire somewhere.
To avoid serving prison sentences for tax evasion, Ed Brown and his wife, Elaine, have locked themselves off from the world on their own terms.

From behind the 8-inch concrete walls of their 110-acre hilltop compound, the couple taunt police and SWAT teams and play to reporters and government-haters with references to past standoffs that turned deadly.
Most assume people like this are crazy. I, on the other hand, tip my hat to them. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong against sticking it to the government. The reason doesn’t matter to me. It could be for constitutional reasons, a protest against the war in Iraq, or even because you are greedy. I honestly don’t care.

In fact, I was fretting just the other day because I assumed people like this had ceased to exist. These people are not criminals. Criminality is more accurately defined by the federal government taking away 20% of what you make.

Don’t get me wrong, government must exist, but if you look at what our government actually provides for us, and how much they spend, you will be pissed. Guaranteed. We have a $2.7 trillion budget. I can’t even imagine what that money is spent on (actually I can because I have seen the federal budget, but if I hadn’t, I would have no clue).

One side note:

These guys sure are lucky that Führer Clinton isn’t still in power. The last time a standoff like this happened it didn’t end to well…

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think it's time for a revolution.


ps- i have a blog coming out soon about this revolution.

and you need to read "Boomsday"

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