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Saturday, June 16, 2007
Hillary Exploits Poor for Profit
A very uninteresting story about the Clintons and their hypocrisy towards the stock market surfaced this week.
Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton liquidated the contents of their blind trust upon learning it contained investments of $5 million to $25 million that could pose conflicts of interest or prove to be embarrassing to her presidential campaign.

The blind trust and a bank account valued in the same range place the Clinton's total wealth at between $10 million and $50 million.

The Clintons had to disclose the contents of the blind trust in April under instructions from the Office of Government Ethics and sold the assets in May, according to a disclosure form filed Friday. The Clintons have had a blind trust continuously since 1993 and had no control over its transactions.
So why is the stock market good enough for the Clintons, but not for old people saving for retirement? Why does Hillary not want people to have the choice of personal investment accounts as opposed to the current Social Security/Ponzi scheme?

People can make a big deal about her owning Wal-Mart and oil company stocks. Sure Hillary may be a hypocrite by blasting those companies for their business practices while at the same time profiting from those “shady business practices”. Sure she is no better than an evil Republican who probably runs the company, but who really expects anything different? Maybe some young Democrat/Socialist who actually believes the crap that comes out of Democratic leaders mouths, but no one else.

What really gets me is that this woman will use fear mongering to stop the progress of economic freedom in our country while she makes money using her millions in the stock market.

Let me make this clear. No one can stop any American from investing in anything. However, when many Americans live paycheck to paycheck, losing 6% to a Ponzi scheme with no option of using it for a real investment does have a serious effect on the average persons economic wellbeing. Don’t forget that the 6% you pay into Social Security is matched by your employer for a total of 12%. Imagine that. A world where equivalent to 12% of your pay is set aside in the stock market every time you get paid!

Unfortunately, because of the unwillingness by many to reform (especially Democrats), we see that 12% go into a black hole and must invest additional money into a real retirement account. Freedom of choice is the only way to solve this issue. Hopefully one day Democrats stop lying to themselves and their constituents and give us the freedom to invest our money the way we choose to.
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