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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Canadian Goes Wild
Drudge reported a weird story out of Canada about a 12-year-old girl killing her family to be with her boyfriend.
The girl and her then 23-year-old boyfriend were arrested after her mother, father and brother were found dead on April 23, 2006, with multiple stab wounds in their Alberta province home. The boy also appeared to have been strangled.

During the trial, which started this week, prosecutor Stephanie Cleary read to the jury an email written by the girl, 12 at the time, to her boyfriend a month before the killings, local media said Tuesday.

"I hate them so I have this plan. It begins with me killing them and it ends with me living with you," the email said.

The prosecution also plans to show the jury a drawing found in the girl's school locker, apparently depicting the murder and her escape in her boyfriend's truck.
There aren’t a lot of details here, but I found it interesting that the girl drew a picture of the killings before they actually happened. Don’t ask how, but the Conservative Bastion has attained a copy of the drawing:

And there you have it. The Conservative Bastion has taken you into the mind of a crazed psychopath. Check back at the Bastion for full coverage of this story. Updates will be available as the trial moves forward.
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Anonymous Scott Ryan said...
nice pic drawn

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