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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
The Virginia Tech Massacre & Gun Control
By now you all know about the massacre that took place on the campus of Virginia Tech yesterday. Rather than regurgitate some of the facts of the case, I rather regurgitate some of the political arguments being made regarding this subject.

First there is the killer: Cho Seung-Hui, a permanent resident originally from South Korea. The first point to be made is obvious: we need to screen the people immigrating to this country. We need to check for IQ, education levels, physical diseases, psychological diseases, and ideological beliefs. None of this willy nilly everyone come in and get a job who can. That is how monkey’s conduct immigration policy, not the most powerful country in the history of the earth.

However the other subject that has come up is the one of gun control. “If only we banned guns, this wouldn’t have happened”, at least that’s what some people think. Only a reactionary could come to such an emotionally driven conclusion.

Gun control is a strange subject for the Conservative Bastion to write about. Unlike drug policy, abortion, gay marriage, tax policy, foreign policy, and even animal rights, this issue should not be debatable.

The reason it should not be debatable is because we are guaranteed the right to bare arms as American citizen. On top of that, it is arguably the most important right we have. Why is that? Because without the right to bare arms, this country would not exist. If the Found Fathers had not had guns with which to protect themselves, the British would not have given the 13 colonies up. Rather than being the lone superpower in the world that we are today, we would probably just be India-lite.

I know some of you aren’t convinced, so let me put it this way…

To all the people out there who hate President Bush, and there are a lot of you out there. Do you think the President is a Nazi or a fascist? Of course the Bastion thinks that is nonsense, but we are well aware that many out there believe that.

Here is some historical perspective for you…the Nazis, when they invaded France and other countries, confiscated all firearms. Why do you think that is? Do you think that is because they had the wellbeing of the people at the top of their priority list?


Firearms threaten centralized power. Without arms, there is no way for a person to protect themselves from abusive power.

We can clearly see that in American history in the South with blacks and the KKK.

All this talk about hunting and hunters is nonsense. This has nothing to do with hunting. The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting…at all…AT ALL.

The right to bare arms exists so that citizens can protect themselves against foreign and domestic threats, not so they can eat meat (although that is a positive byproduct of the right).

Furthermore, banning guns will not solve this problem. This attack occurred in a gun-free zone. A lot of good that gun-free zone did those students. The fact is, unless you can completely lockdown an area, a gun free zone makes no sense. For instance a courtroom is ok to keep “gun-free” because you can relatively easily control who comes in and who doesn’t, and you can search those who do enter the building.

However, that is much harder to do at the national and state level. In fact it is impossible. If we can smuggle humans and drugs across the border, then we could smuggle guns. So if America were to ban guns, the effect would be that all law abiding citizens (people you wouldn’t mine possessing a gun) would lose their guns. While all criminals would either keep their old guns or buy smuggled guns from Mexico.

This is an interesting point in itself. Many liberals are pro-drug legalization or de-criminalization. How you could come to that conclusion about drugs and not about guns is beyond me.

In conclusion remember this. Guns are an inanimate object. That means they aren’t inherently evil or good. Rather it depends on the individual using the object on how it is used.

So what is the answer to stop this kind of thing from happening again? First of all, you can’t stop this kind of thing from happening unless you live in a totalitarian state. However, the best way to minimize situations like this would be for the Federal government to adopt a concealed weapons program. The program would give people a tax incentive to go through a police type background check and screening process that would allow them (if they passed) to carry a concealed weapon with them at all times wherever they go. In effect, they would be off duty policemen and women.

They also may want to look at making it illegal for there to be a gun-free zone without some sort of perimeter and screening process set up. You don’t see people going on shooting rampages in military bases or at gun shows. They choose schools for a reason.

The last few years has brough us many debates over freedom vs. security. Liberals love to pretend to be the brave ones who stand on the side of freedom over security. Not this time. Frankly, I rather have President Bush wiretap every single phone I use for the next 20 years than give up the rights of Americans to bare arms for the next five.
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Blogger Proletariat said...
Bush is a Nazi but he can't take away guns, not without the consent of the Congress. For they would have to repeal an amendment.

You can fool people into believing that their phone records are imperative to the security of this nation, and you can even convince people that questioning (however ridiculous) your government in a time of war is treasonous (it isn't), but don't try convincing the same dummies that their guns should be taken away. LOL.

Kerry would have carried all the Southern States if Bush had tried that one.


Please write something i can disagree with.

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