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Friday, April 06, 2007
Unemployment Rate 4.4%
The unemployment rate is at historic lows despite President George Bush constantly trying to hurt brown and black people.

…the economy added 180,000 new jobs, dropping unemployment to a 4.4 percent rate that matched a five-year low.
Geez this economy sucks…so does G-Dub. I hate him so much! More from the article:

The rate for women held steady at 3.8 percent. The rate for men declined to 4 percent.

I’m not an expert statistician, but if the unemployment rate is 4% for men and 3.8% for women, how is the overall unemployment rate 4.4%? Oh...I forgot about the transgender freaks.

The unemployment rate for Hispanics dropped to 5.1 percent, a three-month low,
while the rate for blacks climbed to 8.3 percent, a three-month high.

Hmmmm…I wonder why this article doesn’t mention the unemployment rate for Asians? Actually…no I don’t. The reason they don’t mention the Asian unemployment rate is because it goes against the liberal media storyline of discrimination against minorities. Blacks and Hispanics have above average unemployment (so says the media and popular opinion) because of racism and lack of opportunity.

Unfortunately, Asians are more successful financially than whites. This obviously instantly defeats any argument used by libs regarding racism holding down minorities. That is, unless every single white person in the country got a memo that said to discriminate against blacks and Hispanics, but to leave Asians alone. I think the truth is clear, but rather than change their talking points, the libs simply ignore the fact of Asian success.

So why do blacks and Hispanics struggle financially? The answer is simple, but is too politically incorrect to mention in most places. However, here at the Conservative Bastion, we have the cojones to tell the truth.

The main difference is cultural values.

Being fully exposed to all cultures in America, let me enlighten you to the differences. *Note* these are generalized differences.

Asians and whites expect their children to go to college.

Blacks and Hispanics do not.

Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to grow up without a father.

Whites and Asians tend to have a father in the home.

Whites and Asians stress learning proper English.

Blacks and Hispanics do not. Every black person that I have ever known that spoke English well told me they were given crap for it by other blacks. They were often told something along the lines of, “you speak like a white person”. This is not a compliment.

This kind of attitude illustrates a major problem with blacks. If being educated makes you white, and white is bad…then you are screwed.

Hispanics…where to begin! I don’t know if it is out of pride or what, but these people like to hang on to the old language. They have duped the whole country into the idea that knowing two languages is a good thing. Frankly it is a waste of time unless you are an international businessperson or a translator.

A simplified language that every citizen can easily learn is what separates primitive cultures from civilized ones. If you have to go to school for years to learn the language(s) of the land, then you are wasting time, money, and human labor. Let’s face it, not that many Americans of any color are great at English. Average people have a hard enough time with one language. There is no point in having two.

To summarize…if you want to be successful in America, go to college, learn proper English, don’t have children in an uncommitted relationship (i.e. save it for marriage) and stop making so many fucking excuses.

If you can’t figure out a way to pay for college, then you are probably to stupid to make it in life anyways.


On the economy, just 38 percent approve of the president's stewardship while 60 percent disapprove, the poll shows.
Proving Americans, despite living in the best country God gave man, lack basic reasoning skills.
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luI totally agree with you, when you say "if you want to be successful in America, go to college, learn proper English, don’t have children in an uncommitted relationship"

I do not agree with you when you say the reason is cultural values.

in a global context, white people are the only successful race. The majority of nations that are predominantly white are first world. In contrast most nations that are predominantly asian, black, and latin-south american are for the majority third world.

The difference is the part of the population that migrates to the US. The Hispanics that were poor and uneducated when crossed the border tend to stay that way. Black people that were decended from slaves are that way as well.

The asian people that come to the United States, are generally educated and have at least enough money to get over here. Are more successful.

It seems to be more of the matter of how well your parents did than what culture you are from. Why is it that asian ethnicities that tend to do well in the US orgin countries so poor India, phillipines, china everyone except japan, taiwan, singapore and south korea.

If you look at people who migrate presently from africa tend to be better educated and speak english 0n average than descendants of slaves.

It is just hard to escape poverty

oh yeah the unemployment rate hit 4.0 when Clinton was in office.

I am not sure where to find statistics that clump the per caipta income of all asians and all white people in america.

but if you take it from individual ethnicities it looks like europeans do better than asians

Blogger Media Tycoon said...
I'll try to find the stats that i saw.

Here is what i think the difference is between the those who are successful and those who aren't.

Asians come here on their own free will and have to jump through a bunch of hoops. Therefore, the people who actually get here are serious people who want to succeed.

The same thing goes for whites.

However, when it comes to blacks (most came here through coercion) and Hispanics (2 minute walk over the border) they do not share our values. It isn't because Mexico, for instance, is infested with a culture of failure...its just that the ones that come here often are. I know a lot of Mexicans and almost all of them freely admit that a large portion of the Mexican population that comes here are the scum of Mexico. There is a reason why Mexico promotes illegal immigration. They don't want these people.

My mom teaches 4th grade at a school predominantly enrolled with immigrants, and she makes it clear that a lot of these parents (most of which are Mexican) have no interest in their children’s education.

There is a values gap.

and by the way, my mom's politics too a turn to the right since she became a elementary school teacher. she sees first hand the problems with uncontrolled immigration. It isn't pretty, and the people who make that an issue about race are cowards.

one last thing...the reason all those countries in Asia are poor doesn’t have to do with cultural values as much as political values. India is socialist, china communist, the Philippines is run by a monkey in a dress...

Bill Gates could not grow up in these countries and do what he did in the US. However, Asians share and even surpass Americans in their drive for a good education.

I’m sorry if it sounds racist, but we need more engineers from India, and less landscapers from Mexico.


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