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Monday, April 02, 2007
Rosie O'Donnell Flip Flops on Kindness and Acceptance
The Fat One has a hard time keeping her mouth shut…

On her blog at, Ro accused [Bill] O'Reilly of being a totalitarian puppet of News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch, as she put it, in her lower-case verse, "like 1984/molding the facts/2 suit the needs/of big brother rupert." And Rosie also revealed that when she and co-host Joy Behar made reference on "The View" to a sex scandal involving O'Reilly, they were told they had to can it about O'Reilly or else "bill o would 'go after' all the hosts" of their show.
Comments like this really annoy me. This is coming from someone who says they are liberal. Liberals love to talk about how nice and understanding and nuanced they are. However, comments like this show that the concept of liberal understanding, tolerance, and niceness are over hyped.

Let me elaborate.

Anyone can accept someone who is exactly like them. For instance, here at Conservative Bastion, we have an easy time accepting religious, conservative, and obnoxiously patriotic people. We don’t, however, have an easy time accepting liberals, gays, and brown people (it’s a joke calm down).

Because of this, conservatives often get labeled as closed minded or hateful.

Ironically, obese lesbians like Rosie prove that liberals are no more tolerant than conservatives. Sure she accepts gays, browns and liberals, but that is who she is. Of course she accepts those people. The question is whether or not she can accept Christians, conservatives and people who are prejudice.

Just a refresher, this is what she had to say about Christianity not too long ago…

…radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.
If by radical, you mean people who are willing to kill civilians to advance a political cause, then of course she is right. In which case, radical lesbianism would be just as much a threat to this country and radical Islam.

Fortunately, the neither radical Christianity, nor radical lesbianism exist in this country. If anything, it’s the eco-terrorists who threaten this country, not Christian terrorists.

You see, the Fat Slob suffers from something that liberals often pretend to hate.

The fact is, she sees the world in black and white.

There is no other explanation as to why her comments and views could be so radical. It is because she thinks she is right, and everyone else is wrong. I can actually respect that, but don’t give me that “nuanced” bullshit or that lame “you see the world in black and white when it is in many shades of grey” speech. That is the absolute lamest speech ever. Everyone thinks they are right and the other guy is wrong. Everyone sees the world in black and white.

The fact is, she accepts people like her, and thinks people who aren’t like her are wrong or strange. In other words, she is human. There is nothing about liberals that makes them nicer or more tolerant. It is a lie. A damn good lie, but a lie nonetheless.


I recently witnessed lesbian doublespeak firsthand on the Bravo network. There is an interesting show called Work Out on that channel that shows the life of a lesbian woman, Jackie, who runs a gym in L.A. Her mother is a conservative Christian and believes homosexuality is a sin. Her mom, however, still loves her ***SHOCK*** and was visiting her in L.A. in one of the episodes I saw.

Long story short, Jackie’s friends are all gay and were ganging up on her mother in hopes to convince her that she was wrong about homosexuality. It was interesting to see how patient the mother was and how mean and obnoxious all the gays were.

Perhaps the most interesting scene was when Jackie talked about her hopes of one day having a child and mentioned that she hoped to instill in the child (paraphrasing) love, acceptance, and some other liberal nonsense word. I say nonsense because they act as if conservatives raise their children with the hopes of them being filled with hate, oppression, and stupidity.

The fact is that she really just wants a child that accepts homosexuality and liberal ideas. Not someone that is truly universally accepting.
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