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Monday, April 30, 2007
Anti-American Parade Day
Tomorrow is May 1st and the day that ungrateful illegals have chosen to arrogantly “protest” for immigration reform and labor rights.

Last year I wrote about the top 10 reasons to clamp down on illegal immigration. This year, I will give advice to the illegals because – unbeknownst to them – those protests hurt their cause. Apathetic Americans, like myself, were turned into rabid anti-illegal immigrant fanatics after their classless display last year. They are going about this all wrong and here is what they should do.

Get rid of your Mexican flags. I’ll be frank, if my family had waved the flags of the USSR or the Philippines they would been laughed at. Why would you be proud of a country that has screwed you over? That really is the key question.

If these people wanted and deserved to be Americans, they wouldn’t have had to be told to wave American flags instead of Mexican flags. The fact is that many of these people are Mexicans first (among other nationalities).

No matter what anyone says, waving a foreign flag in a domestic protest can only be viewed one way: arrogant. Can you imagine the spring break college kids bringing all their American flags to Mexico and then protesting against ANYTHING whilst obnoxiously waving their flags? It makes me sick just thinking about it.

The illegals and their supporters should not have protested at all. Some may think that is crazy, but anyone who listens to what President Bush has actually said on the subject knows that Bush is practically the first Hispanic president.

It is really awkward and embarrassing that so many Hispanics could be so hostile to their greatest ally. Maybe if they learned English they would understand what it is he actually wants to do.

Instead they thought they would get all activist on us and make a difference. Not smart. Now they are getting deported in larger numbers than they were before the protests.

Don’t play the race card on this one either. That is a dumb cop out. After searching the headlines at Google for 3 seconds, I found a story about a crack down on illegal Albanians.

The fact is that white illegals are non-existent. When there is a crack down on white-collar crime, people don’t say the prosecutors are anti-white. Please use common sense.

My advice to the illegals is simple

• Learn English

• Work hard

• Don’t collect welfare

• Only have as many kids as you can take care of – this takes into regard both money and time

• Get an education and make sure your kids get one

• Love America

If you do that, you should be fine. Anything else just pisses us off. 
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