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Thursday, March 08, 2007
South America: The Second Worst Continent in the World
President Bush is currently visiting a number of South American countries. It seems to be going as one would expect…

Thousands of students, environmentalists and other protesters, some waving communist flags, gathered in the business district of South America's largest city ahead of Bush's arrival.
Apparently the history textbooks in Brazil haven’t been updated in the past 20 years. They seemed to have missed the part of history that showed us that communism was the most oppressive and deadly form of government in the history of mankind. They also missed the part where the rich people in the Soviet Union were less well off than poor people in the United States. Maybe the President can get some money sent down there so they can update those books. Pronto! They are in danger of embarrassing themselves if they keep holding such silly protests.

Bush played down the protests in interviews ahead of his trip with Latin American news organizations.

"I am proud to be going to a part of the world where people can demonstrate, where people can express their minds [did President Bush make a joke?]," he said in an interview with Univision. And he told CNN En Espanol: "The trip is to remind people that we care."
I don’t understand how President Bush maintains his composure with this kind of nonsense going on. If I were him, I would probably completely write-off South America. Frankly, the people there are ridiculous. They all want to come here and make more money, but they all have a certain degree of antipathy for the US.

How do I know? I talked to a few of these retards in my lifetime. They exist. People that come here for school or work but believe America is an imperialist oppressor. It drives me insane.

Chavez, aligned with Cuba's Fidel Castro and a fierce critic of Bush, is marking Bush's trip with a rival tour of the region.

On Saturday, the Venezuelan leader will speak at an "anti-imperialist" rally in a soccer stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, about 40 miles across the Plate River from Montevideo, where Bush will be holding talks on Saturday with Uruguay's president, Tabare Vazquez.
I honestly wonder how many illegal immigrants are breaking down the fences to get into Venezuela? This point has been made a thousand times, but I have to bring it up. No one wants to go to any of these South American countries. They don’t have immigration problems. You think they could use their brains enough to understand that their countries aren’t beacons of hope, while America is. So why are they so against our economic policies (capitalism and free trade) when their economic systems may as well have been written by monkeys? It only seems logical for them to adopt our ways (economically speaking). Their superstition against capitalism and free markets is getting really old. Part of me wants to say: “to hell with you and your voodoo economics, do things your way, you are on your own.”

Silva, in turn, has said he will press the U.S. Congress to repeal or scale back the 54-cent per gallon U.S. tariff on sugar-based Brazilian ethanol. Bush and Silva also were expected to talk about efforts to salvage the World Trade Organization talks - the so-called Doha round - that collapsed in discord last summer over farm subsidies and other disputes.
Speaking of voodoo economics…why the hell is there a tariff on sugar-based ethanol. That is outrageous. Here we are, claiming to want to diversify our energy sources, and one of the most proven alternatives is being hindered by caveman economic polices. All I'm saying is that Democrats (for their own sake) better not be the ones responsible for this.

Among those participating in Thursday's protests were environmentalists and social groups who oppose the biofuels project, fearing that Brazil may clear pristine jungle to ramp up sugarcane cultivation. Greenpeace activists hung a huge banner warning against increased reliance on ethanol as an alternative fuel on a monument to 17th century Portuguese explorers and conquerors.
Are they for real? Is this the next step in the environmental movement? First they are against the oil companies and want to move to alternative fuels. Now they want to get rid of the alternative fuels. I really do hate environmentalists…almost as much as they hate the President.
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