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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Mexican Makes Good Joke
Mexican’s proved they have a devilish sense of humor recently. You can read it here in the New York Times:

Just a few days before President Bush was scheduled to land here on Monday for bilateral talks, the Mexican Foreign Ministry sent an angry diplomatic note to the United States.

The note complained that United States Border Patrol agents had crossed the border and ventured a couple of dozen feet into Mexico to put out a rapidly spreading brush fire. “Even in emergency situations, the Mexican authorities must be notified immediately, without exception,” the note said.
This must be a joke. Regardless of its seriousness, I have decided to write a letter to the Mexican Foreign Minister. Here it goes:

Mr. Foreign Minister,

I recently read about how angry you were when American Border Patrol agents crossed the Mexican border without permission or notification. I understand where you are coming from. Nobody likes it when a foreign country allows its people to enter their country unannounced and uninvited. Such actions are rude, arrogant, and illegal. I would be happy if my country were to notify Mexico of any future border incursions by its citizens – assuming you are willing return the favor.

Go to hell,

David Quijano
I have a feeling that we are pretty close to forming an international consensus here.

I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that most Americans would rather have a few Mexican Border Patrol agents cross over into our country to put out a fire as opposed to 12 million illegal immigrants. Just a guess.

So excuse me if I don't sympathize with this moron. Your country is in much greater violation of international law than the US is.
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