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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Bush Uses Jedi Mind Trick On Fake Terrorist
President George W. Bush appears to have used an old Jedi mind trick on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Now before I get to this story, I must preface this blog with a short reminder.

Most learned people already know that George Bush is the worlds’ number one terrorist and that he planned 9/11 and that the whole War on Terrorism is part of an elaborate scheme by him and his Nazi/Republican allies to take over the world and make money off of oil.

Therefore, anyone attempting to confess to a terrorist plot must be a fabrication of the Bush Administration. All the Osama bin Laden videos, all the terrorist attacks prior and post 9/11, and all the Muslims that riot when they see cartoons they don't like - they are all Nazi/Republican propagand.

Back to the original story…George Bush has upped the quality of his propaganda this week by some how convincing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed into confessing to the 9/11 attacks.

This conspiracy is getting more and more complicated, but I’m sure my boys at Loose Change will figure out a way around this one.

Maybe Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is being paid millions to confess to crimes he had nothing to do with...or maybe Bush recruited him from day one and planned this whole event seven years in advance!


In all seriousness, how low does your IQ have to be to believe 9/11 was a conspiracy? The answer must be somewhere in the 80's.
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Blogger Proletariat said...
I don't believe Bush had anything to do with 9/11. Nothing more than a far-Left myth; however, I do believe that Bush, Cheney, and the neo-cons benefited greatly from 9/11. It allowed them to carry out their plans for an American/Israeli empire.

And, I don't care about this terrorist. I hope they didn't torture it out of him, but if they did, well, I guess so be it. What are you gonna do?


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