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Monday, February 12, 2007
Environmentalists Piss Me Off
This from your friendly neighborhood envrionmental militant:
Even if man’s activities such as burning fossil fuels didn’t contribute one bit to global warming, the burning of fossil fuels is fraught with plenty of other perils including other environmental damage, geopolitical instability, and the ultimately limited nature of the resource.The debate over global warming’s cause doesn’t change those facts, and the need to develop the next generation of alternative energy technologies is a very real need no matter what course the debate over global warming and its cause may take.

Wow....then why do you even talk about global warming? I'll tell you why - these people know that fear mongering is the only way they will get their agenda accomplished.

I think it is funny that a "green" technology company can promote global warming and it is considered science, but when an oil company dares argue against the validity of global warming, everyone cries foul.
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"fear mongering"

You mean like Bush and his cronies?


Blogger Media Tycoon said...
exactly...there is one difference.

if you fear global are basically afraid of a weather forcast 100 years in the future.

if you are afraid of terrorism, you are afraid of a clear and present danger. one that took the lives of 3000 americans and devestated the American economy just 5 years ago.

global warming is abstract and a prediction. terrorism is concrete and happening today.

Prove that, Media. Prove what no other scientist has been able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt: That Global Warming is a myth. Prove it.

The threat of terrorism is very real. But the fear mongering comes in when you start throwing out false statements, which Bush is infamous for.

Global Warming is not abstract; there's mountains of evidence. I gave you the websites; it's your choice not to read them, but don't keep saying it's a myth when the evidence is right in front of you.


Blogger Media Tycoon said...
i'm not saying its a myth. what i am saying is that it hasnt been proven yet. the global warming that took place in the 20th century is not going to do anything to anyone. the global warming in the 19th century certainly wont hurt anyone. the global warming in the 3 centuries before that was not cause by humans.

there has been a clear warming trend on this planet over the past few centuries, but we have only been creating c02 in the past 1.5 centuries. is it just me, or are there too many variables here to say global warming is happening and it is cause by humans.

what makes the claims even less believable is that scientists have made climate change claims before AND BEEN WRONG!!!

all the fear cause by global warming is pointing to years in hte future. these are predictions. they havent happened yet. that makes them least in my mind.

i have a couple more posts coming up today or tomorrow regarding this issue. stay posted.

ps believing in global warming seems to take a whole lot of faith.

"...hasn't been proven yet."

Well, that depends on what you consider "proof", because there's tons of evidence that point towards global warming being as real as the sun.

Secondly, there has not been a global warming trend; only a few blips on a graph, and only one of them hasn't been explained, and that one is the "Middle Age Warming Period", and it didn't last nearly as long as the most recent (since CO2 concentrations have gone up drastically)period.

"...hasn't happened yet..."

Oh, yeah? Take a look at the glaciers that are almost non-existent now, and take a look at some lakes (Lake Chad, for example) that are almost completely dried up.

Believing in global warming takes very little faith, but tons of scientific knowledge.

I'm not saying that scientists have ALL the answers, or that they have ABSOLUTE proof, but I am saying that there's enough evidence to turn me green.

Why take the chance?


Blogger Doug Snodgrass said...
Hi. Thanks for referencing the story at the Ecotality Blog, where I'm a writer.

We welcome healthy skepticism. You have every right to question Ecotality's motives, methods, madness, etc. I would like to submit that you consider as well the possibility that a company can be compelled in part by a genuine desire to do what is right. I know that you are a fan of President Reagan, and while it is possible to have philosophical differences with some of his policies, it is also possible to believe that he was compelled by a genuine desire to do the right thing.

On a separate note, I should mention that the Ecotality Blog welcomes thoughtful conservatives like yourself. It may actually surprise you to know that the writer of the article that got a strong reaction from you, Bill Hobbs, is a fully committed conservative. The evidence can be found at his personal site, Bill and I sometimes disagree on things, but he's good people, I respect his writing and we try to keep each other honest.

Thanks again, I wish you well and sincerely encourage you to visit us again and be part of a robust debate. I will gladly subscribe to your feed.

Doug Snodgrass

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