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Thursday, November 23, 2006
True Fascism…AGAIN
For all those who call Bush a fascist

Former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has died in hospital after being poisoned.

A spokesman for University College Hospital said the ex-KGB agent has died after his condition had been deteriorating throughout the day.

The Metropolitan Police are investigating his death as "an unexplained death".

Mr Litvinenko's supporters have accused the Russian government of poisoning the 43-year-old, who had been given asylum and citizenship in Britain after fleeing Russia.

They said he was killed because he was investigating the murder last month of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was shot dead near her Moscow apartment.

This is only half of it. Apparently, there is another reason the Kremlin would want Litvinenko dead…

He was referring to allegations he made in a book, The FSB Blows up Russia, which accuses the Russian security services of causing a series of apartment block explosions in Moscow in 1999 that helped to propel Mr Putin into the presidency.

Basically, this guy was doing what the guys at Loose Change tried to do. However, there is a stark difference between what happened to the Loose Change kids and what happened to Litvinenko. One is dead, and the others are national celebrities. Wake up to reality please.

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Blogger Democrat said...
First of all, Bush is a fascist (read the fourteen characteristics of fascism and you'll understand); and second, I wasn't aware that anything happened to the kids who made "Loose Change". I did see the production; I thought they exploited the littlest thing in an attempt to make Bush and his cronies look like the guilty parties. I saw far too much emotion in the eyes of George Bush for him to have had anything to do with it. Bush is a hard character to figure out. He's not dumb, at all, but he appears dumb when he talks. He showed tons of emotion on 9/11, and right after, almost as if he were a man of the people, but then he drastically changed into something -- a fascist. He may not realize it.

By the way, Happy Belated Thanksgiving.


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