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Sunday, November 12, 2006
Those Stupid Republicans

The Republicans lost control of both houses of congress last week for two reasons: Iraq and Katrina. What disturbs me both these issues could be seen from a mile away. I – a self-proclaimed political novice – knew what the Republicans had to do to retain power in this year’s elections. I knew since the end of 2005.

I knew that something had to be done about Iraq. Had Iraq seen improvements throughout the summer and early fall of this year, last week’s debacle would not have occurred.

I knew that the destruction of New Orleans was a problem that would hurt the Republicans (apparently they knew too...which is why they unloaded billions of dollars into the region).

I also knew that these two issues would be hard to fix overnight and that other action would be needed to get the public eye off these issues and onto issues that favored Republicans.

I am not saying this to brag. I am saying it to show how DUMB the Republicans are. If I knew what would happen, surely the Republican leadership knew. So why didn't they do anything? I don’t have an answer to that. Hindsight is 20/20, but here is what they should have done.

  1. Explain the Katrina situation

Katrina, as stupid as it seems to me, was a real thorn in the side of the Republicans. Democrats were able to turn a natural disaster into a failure of the Republican Party. What the Republicans should have done is explain that a hurricane is unstoppable force of nature. They should have also explained that the failure of the New Orleans populace to remove itself from a disaster zone is more of a reflection on the people of that city rather than a reflection of political leadership. Instead the Republicans threw money at the problem, seemingly out of guilt. They should have also made it clear that the Federal government would not endorse rebuilding below sea level in New Orleans. Not only is it a common sense approach, but it acknowledges the fundamental mistake made in the whole Katrina mess. That mistake isn’t FEMA’s lack of preparation for a flood in New Orleans. It is building a huge city below sea level and next to the ocean.

  1. Do something about Iraq

Iraq is the main reason Republicans suffered huge losses in last weeks elections. The Republicans should have done something to help better explain their position on the invasion of Iraq and their plan to pacify the violence there. The first thing they should have done is find the source of violence in Iraq. Is the violence caused by foreign fighters? Is it hatred between the Sunni and Shia? Is it gangs motivated by money? In order to achieve true peace in Iraq, this question must be answered.

For instance, if the main source of violence in Iraq comes from gangs, then education, an improved Iraqi economy, and keeping building infrastructure should be the main goals in Iraq.

If the violence is perpetrated by foreign fighters, the main objective of US forces should be to secure the Iraqi border.

If the problem is due to religious differences, then we should consider forcibly segregating the Sunni and Shia.

The Republicans in the House and Senate should have asked this question, answered it, explained their answer, and executed a plan to improve the situation in Iraq according to their answer a long time ago. They didn’t, and that is why they lost.

  1. Do something about anything

Welfare reform, tax reform, Social Security reform, ending the death tax, ending the capitol gains tax, making the tax cuts permanent, and/or immigration reform. There was a litany of issues that the Republicans could have tackled. They did nothing, and paid the price. Normally I don’t mind a do-nothing congress, but when the Reps saw that they were poised to take a huge loss in the elections, they should have come together to get something done. It’s politics 101. If there is something bad on your record that is holding you back (Iraq and Katrina), do something that will distract from that negative. Passing some sort of reform is the perfect way to do that. Instead, the Republicans argued about immigration for the whole summer and did nothing.


The 2006 “thumping” was a result of poor leadership in the Republican Party. The Democrats did not win because of their ideas. They won because of Republican ineptitude. Good riddance.

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Blogger Democrat said...
Those are some big issues, Media, yes; but people can see how full of it Republicans are. Smaller government is a joke -- they've increased government. The taxcuts are a joke -- mostly just the rich benefit. Most states are broke. Broke. They started cutting essential programs like Police, 'cause who the hell needs them, right?


Blogger Media Tycoon said...
yea all the states are broke...LMAO

Blogger Democrat said...
Most states

Maybe you didn't catch that the first time.


Blogger Media Tycoon said...

Blogger Democrat said...
It's true, but lable it vitriol -- that's cool.

Republicans have the problem of labeling the truth vitriol. Can't speak the truth to a Republican.


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