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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Pray for a Miracle
I'm going to sleep expecting Democratic majorities in both houses of congress. God help us.
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Blogger Democrat said...
Shut up, Media. God has helped this country, which means not helping Republicans. There are Democratic majorities, and do you know why? because Republicans are incapable of governing. Democrats controlled both houses for forty years, lost them for a few, and now we have them back. People know that their lives are better when Democrats are in control.

Face it, Media, this country has told you Republicans "NO MORE!". I suggest you guys listen if you ever expect to gain the presidency or the majority again.

You know something is up when the states that gave us the majority in the senate are deep red states: Virginia, Missouri, Montana. Deep, deep red.

NO MORE!!!!!

Sounds beautiful, don't it?

*a boy in-love*


Blogger Democrat said...
LOL. Sorry, I'm so excited I had to sign it the way I sign everything...


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