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Sunday, November 05, 2006
The Party of the Uneducated

This is from the WSJ op-ed page a couples weeks back.

The most recent evidence on this subject comes from the mid-1990s, in the University of Michigan's National Election Studies. These survey data uncover two facts. First, people who go to college are more likely to vote Republican than those who don't go to college. Adults 25 and under from Republican homes are, for example, 11 percentage points more likely to vote Republican if they attended college than if they didn't. And young adults from Democratic households are 11 percentage points less likely to vote Democrat if they've gone to college than if not.

Second, nearly everybody grows more likely to vote Republican as they age--but especially college graduates. It is no shock that the vast majority of people of all educational backgrounds from Republican homes vote Republican by age 40. It may come as more of a surprise that 40-year-olds with Democrat parents are far less likely to vote Democrat if they've gone to college than if they haven't. In fact, while three-quarters of the uneducated group still vote Democrat, the odds are only about 50-50 that the college graduates vote this way. And they've not all become skeptical political independents: Fully a third are registered Republicans.

It is ironic that Democrats are much more likely to support subsidizing college education, yet it appears the Republicans have much more to gain by it. We need more college graduates.

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Blogger Democrat said...
That is a lie, because I've seen articles and percents that tell a completely different story. For example, you've not heard the term "Liberal Professor"?


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