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Sunday, November 12, 2006
The Jester Speaks Out

Proof we should laugh at entertainers who try to talk about politics.

Sir Elton John wants religion banned completely -- because he believes it promotes hatred of gays.

I think we should ban gays because they don’t respect religious freedom. What a moron.

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Blogger Democrat said...
Only people who distort the Bible hate gays.


Blogger Media Tycoon said...
well Christians aren't supposed to hate anyone as it is. Personally, I don't know one person that hates gays. I work and live in Christian circles. Just because someone is against gay marriage doesn't mean they hate gays. no one hates gays. gay hate crimes are no where on the map. more white people are victims of hate crimes than gays.

Blogger Democrat said...
LMAO. RIGHT!!! Man, you Republicans are comedians -- honest.

American soldirs, of all shapes, sizes and colors are being killed in the Middle-East, and you consider that a hate crime? Perhaps, but that's hate against Americans, not gays, whites, blacks, etc.

Republicans don't hate gays? Go look at their voting records.


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