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Thursday, November 16, 2006
Dean Compared to Rumsfeld

As much as James Carville annoys me, he knows what he’s talking about. He recently commented on Democratic party chairman Howard Dean:

“I would describe his leadership as Rumsfeldian in its incompetence,” one strategist, James Carville, said of Mr. Dean.

Wow. This is coming from a Democrat here. A Democrat comparing someone to Donald Rumsfeld is like a Republican comparing someone to Osama bin Laden. So why is Carville so upset?

…Mr. Dean wasted an opportunity to make historic gains by refusing to take resources out of his effort to build up parties in all 50 states and put them into Congressional races.

…Republicans held 14 seats by a single percentage point and…a small investment by Mr. Dean could have put Democrats into a commanding position for the rest of the decade.

“There was a missed opportunity here,” he said. “I’ve sat down with Republican pollsters to discuss this race: They believe we left 10 to 20 seats on the table.”

Those dumb Republicans. Pure incompetence. Thankfully, Dean, if Carville is to be believed, appears to be just as dumb and incompetent. To be fair to Dean, the Dems should have taken over the country in 2004. So it isn’t just Dean that is dropping the ball. One could argue that Terry McAuliffe (Democratic chairman 2001-2005) was less successful against the Republicans and therefore less capable than Dean. I would argue that Dean is worse for the Dems, but that Republicans are in a freefall in terms of their own capability. In other words, Dean was/is in the right place at the right time, and the leadership in both parties is lacking.

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