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Sunday, October 15, 2006
The Future of Racism in America
White racism is over – but a new racism is becoming more prevalent.

Four schools near Fontana High School went on lockdown Friday after a riot broke out at the high school.

Students said the brawl began at lunch after someone pulled a fire alarm, sending hundreds of students into an open quad.

Black and Latino students shouted racial slurs at one another and exchanged blows, students said.

Officers from city and county agencies — some in protective helmets wielding beanbag shotguns — helped school police break up the fights over the course of two hours.

Fontana police reported no injuries. Officials were investigating whether the incident was racially motivated.

For anyone who keeps up with the California news, you know this is not an isolated incident. Essentially, at least in California, there is a generation of young Hispanics and blacks who hate each other to the point of turning violent.

One of the articles I found on this story had this picture to go along with it. Apparently, it shows two black kids running from a mob of Hispanics.

Good luck solving this issue.

It is ironic that these types of problems happen in liberal California, but aren't as big of a problem in conservative/racist Texas.

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Blogger Democrat said...
I love how you politicize everything -- you are a true Republican. Kudos.


Blogger Media Tycoon said...
what i said was meant to be ironic since it is Democrats who traditionally try to politicize racism.

Blogger Democrat said...
Democrats don't need to politicize anything, the racism is overt. They feed off of the downtrodden, primarily blacks.


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