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Friday, October 27, 2006
Brazilian Politics
I was reading the WSJ this morning and came across an article regarding Brazil’s presidential election. From what I read, I saw a similar formula to what we see in American politics. The poorer, darker, and less educated you are, the more likely you are to vote left. The richer, better educated, and lighter you are, the more likely you are to vote right.

In Brazil, the leftists have power now. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is the “blue-collar” president and is being challenged by Geraldo Alckmin.

Just like in America, the leftists seem to scapegoat the rich minority for the problems of the poor. Here’s a little sample:

Mr. da Silva has further heightened class tensions by arguing that corruption cases in his government are being blown out of proportion because of his humble background. "There is a reason I'm being persecuted," Mr. da Silva said last week. "It's a matter of skin, of social origin." He rails against "a small minority that has leeched from the country for 500 years."

What’s also interesting is that there is a geographical split in the country. Just like the good old days in America, it’s north versus south.

Mr. da Silva is the overwhelming favorite of voters in the sprawling, arid Northeast, where he himself was born and people tend to be poorer, less educated and darker-skinned than those in the South. The South, which encompasses Brazil's most modern and glamorous cities and its media centers, has been considerably cooler to Mr. da Silva.

Perhaps the best bit of information this article provided was this:

College-educated Brazilians, like the students in São Paulo who recently dressed up as clowns to satirize Mr. da Silva, often look down on a president who quit school after the fourth grade. But the vast majority of Brazilians with only a basic education embrace him.

This proves two things:

1. All over the world, the uneducated vote for liberals. In other words, this is not an American phenomenon.

2. No matter what you think about President Bush, there are other world leaders dumber than him.

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Blogger lnkatts said...
Man, David. Lol. You're going to make some serious enemies with Brazilians who read this. I agree with you though. That's pretty pathetic for Brazil's president to be so undereducated.

Blogger Democrat said...
LMAO. Yeah, good one. I'm sure we Americans have any right whatsoever making fun of an "undereducated" president from another country. LMAO. That's rich. Have you heard Bush give a speech? LOL.

Maybe the poor vote for the Left because voting for the Right would be cutting their own throats... It's called compassion, good Christian, you. Look it up.


Blogger Democrat said...
Oh, and one more thing: There was a study done, and Liberals, on average, have higher IQs than Conservatives. That's just a fact. The poorest states in the US are all Southern Conservative states.

Other places in the world, the majority of educated people vote for Conservatives, I'm sure, but not in America. It is the other way around.

Bill Gates - Democrat

Stephen King - Democrat

Warren Buffet - Democrat

George Saros - Democrat

And the list goes on. Southern states have the lowest Standarized test scores; the lowest IQs; and are the poorest states in the union -- they all vote Republican.


Blogger Media Tycoon said...
lol thats not true and you know it. if we could ban high school drop outs from voting, we would never have a Democratic president again.

Blogger Democrat said...
That is entirely true, Media. Look it up. If we banned Southern High School drop-out's, we'd never have a Republican for President again.

I'm glad you haven't had to live the life of some, because if you had, you wouldn't be a Republican.


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