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Friday, October 13, 2006
Blame the Economy on Bush
Some recent economic news needs to be blamed on President Bush…
The nation's unemployment rate fell to 4.6 percent last month, down from 4.7 in August, and average wages rose by 4 percent over the previous year -- the best performance for both measures in five years.
Democrats have been arguing that wages have been rising too slowly under President Bush. They should know better than to blame the Bush for this, but they do it anyways.

After September 11, the United States was in a recession and nothing could stop that. There is no magical policy that Clinton had that Bush doesn’t know about. Once a recession starts, the only thing you can do is cut taxes, drastically increase spending, and hope for the best. Bush did both and we got out of the recession relatively quickly. It is hard to argue against this.

When the country goes in recession, it is usually because consumers stop buying. When this happens, companies make less money. When companies make less money, they have to cut their costs. Some companies lose enough money and are forced to layoff workers. Others may be able to survive by giving smaller than normal or no raises to their current workers. This is such a basic concept that it makes me sick to think that some people can’t figure this out on their own.

As the country comes out of a recession, companies start to make more money. As this happens, they can hire more workers. As the available labor force gets smaller, wages go up because companies must fight to get the workers of their choice.

Every time the US goes into recession, it takes a while to fully recover. You can’t fix an economy overnight NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. The national economy is complicated and has many factors influencing the direction it goes in. There is no magic bean or button that can solve the problem. You can’t attack Wal-Mart and force them to pay their workers more. That isn’t how it works.

I know my Democratic friends think that companies should raise their employees salaries first, then worry about balanced checkbooks later, but that leads to more ENRONS. You people can’t have it both ways. Businesses can’t just raise the salaries of their workers whenever they want.

This economy is growing, and everyone should be happy about that. We should also understand that growing an economy takes time. So chill out and be realistic about your expectations.
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Blogger Democrat said...
Comment to all of Media's blog readers: Everything this man just said about the economy, is BS. Thank you.


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Blogger Democrat said...
I try.


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