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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Abortion Vote in South Dakota
This is what I consider the most interesting aspect of the coming election:

Abortion-rights activists in South Dakota took many by surprise a few months ago when they said voters should decide the fate of the state’s new abortion law, the most restrictive in the US.

Now, with a referendum on the November 7 ballot, their campaign has become the frontline in the long-running national debate on abortion.

A victory here would show that even in a conservative Midwestern state, the public will not tolerate a near-total ban on abortion. But a defeat would signal just how difficult a challenge campaigners face in trying to protect a woman’s right to abortion.

While they bristle at the attention, the South Dakota activists are counting on residents of this old frontier state to prove them right.

For those who don’t know, I am mildly pro-choice because I do not know of any other sane alternative. Throwing evil mothers or doctors in jail may be tempting, but it won’t be when we turn abortion into a situation similar to the war on drugs. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 53.6% (94,578) of the inmates in Federal prison are there for drug offenses. I understand that drugs and abortion are different, but I think its safe to say that when our drug laws were written, no one really expected this to become the priority of Federal law enforcement and imprisonment.

Making new and strict laws will have unintended consequences and we should think long and hard about any new laws that try to limit abortion.

That being said, I hope the voters pass this law. Not because I want to ban abortion everywhere, but because I think Roe V. Wade was a horrible decision. There is no constitutional right to an abortion. Abortion was in no one’s mind when the 14th amendment was passed (I know because I was there).

I better watch myself, or I may become anti-abortion again.

If you don't want to ruin your day, don't go to Google, don't type "abortion", and don't do a picture search. It is too late for me. **GAG**

Back on point, this vote interests the hell out of me. I guess as a Republican, I don't have much else to look forward to. More on that next time.

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Anonymous Roxy said...
im pro-life pro-choice. is not the right thing in my mind 2 do just because you get knocked up. But I also don't feel its my place to take that right away from someone. In some cases it is the right thing do. But not offten.

Blogger Democrat said...
What about the baby, doesn't he or she have any rights?


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