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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Who Ended the Cold War?

If you’ve ever doubted that Reagan ended the Cold War, here’s a little something to ponder…

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev said on Tuesday he supported tough measures taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin and wished he had adopted them.

Gorbachev, whose political reforms led to the collapse of the communist empire, said he should have squashed the challenge from Boris Yeltsin, his arch-rival and subsequently first Russian president, by sending him into diplomatic exile.

For those of you who don’t know, some people claim that it was Gorbachev that ended the Cold War, not Reagan. The idea is that without Gorbachev, Russia would have stayed on their communist path. Gorbachev, in his infinite wisdom, decided to reform and as a result, ended the war. Backwards - to say the least

It’s like saying that it wasn’t Truman’s decision to drop nukes that ended the war against Japan, it was Emperor Hirohito’s wisdom. After all, had Hirohito not been so sensible, he would never have surrendered and therefore, he should get the credit for the ending of the war.

Obviously that is complete lunacy. Hirohito knew Japan couldn’t win, and he knew that because of Truman’s decision to drop the bomb. It wouldn’t take a genius or an extraordinarily benevolent dictator to understand that.

Similarly, Gorbachev surrendered because his country was getting its ass kicked economically. Gorbachev knew he couldn’t keep pace with American defense spending, and was forced to reform.

I understand that historians need to come up with crackpot ideas to sell books. I also understand that playing devil’s advocate is an important step in bringing all ideas to the forefront of the academic debate. Unfortunately, I don’t think devil’s advocate is the reason that some despise Reagan’s foreign policy.

Many people just hate the idea that spending billions on defense forced the Russians into submission. The idea that a weapons race could make us safer is scary. I’m sorry, but you people need to get over your childlike views. It would be nice if we could turn the other cheek with our enemies, but that doesn’t work on such large scales.

Oh yea, don’t forget the SDI/Star Wars factor…that drives the libs CRAZY!!! The fact that there is a remote possibility that SDI played any role in America's victory over the Soviet kills them. hahahaha

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