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Sunday, September 17, 2006
Plan B: Fit for a Monkey

I hate to say I told you so…ok that’s a lie…

Giving women the morning-after pill makes no difference to either the pregnancy rate or the abortion rate, a family planning expert says today.

Contrary to assumptions, says Anna Glasier, director of the Lothian primary care NHS trust in Edinburgh, several studies - including one that she herself led - have shown that even giving women packets of morning-after pills to keep at home in case they need them does not reduce the proportions having unplanned babies or terminations.

Often the problem is not with the pills but in the way they are used.

"When reasons for not using emergency contraception, despite having a supply at home, were documented, three out of every four women said they did not realise they had put themselves at risk of pregnancy," she writes in the British Medical Journal today.

Lawrence H. Summers is looking pretty smart right about now.

The focus should be on getting people to take precautions before or during sex rather than afterwards, she argues.

During sex? Is this a reference to the pullout method?

There has never been a placebo-controlled trial of the morning-after pill for ethical reasons. "Despite the clear increase in the use of emergency contraception, abortion rates have not fallen in the UK. They have risen from 11 per 1,000 women aged 15-44 in 1984 (136,388 abortions) to 17.8 per 1,000 in 2004 (185,400 abortions)," she writes. Sweden shows the same pattern, she says. The estimates of efficacy could well be skewed by the inadequacy of the information researchers are given by some women using the pill. "Many women using emergency contraception have recently had unprotected intercourse more than once, many are vague about the date of their last period, and a few were too drunk to be sure they had even had sex."

Well well well….this is the monkey sex I was referring to in my last blog about the morning after pill. If you can’t teach a monkey to use birth control, good luck with these women.

If you are looking for an intervention that will reduce abortion rates, emergency contraception may not be the solution…

I told you so!!!
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Blogger Democrat said...
Okay. I have a very simple solution: Put an information paper inside the box.

The family planning specialist is just like every other Christian Wacko-- Come up with BS reasons why it shouldn't be available. Then, when you fix the problem they've created --literally-- they find a new problem. Never win with those people.


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