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Thursday, September 07, 2006
Bush Recruits Al- Jazeera to Nazi Intel Network

Thanks to the boys over at Loose Change, we now know that anyone who supports the Bush/Nazi regime’s official story of 9/11 is part of a vast conspiracy.

That lengthy list of conspirators got a little longer today

The Arab television channel Al-Jazeera broadcast a video which it said showed Osama bin Laden and suicide candidates of Al-Qaeda preparing the September 11, 2001 attacks against the United States.

Al-Jazeera had said earlier it would broadcast "a video that included scenes showing for the first time Al-Qaeda leaders preparing the September 11 attacks and practicing for their execution."

The video showed Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and two of the 19 Islamist militants that took part in the attacks, Saudi nationals Hamza el-Ramdi and Wael el-Shemari.

We all know that the president has made the world hate the United States and that he needs to work harder at creating allies. Al-Jezeera 's defection to the Republican/Nazi intelligence network is unexpected, but it changes nothing. There is no doubt in my mind that the Al-Jezeera was part of a coalition that was bribed and coerced, much like the 35 countries that helped us unilaterally invade Iraq. I digress…

It’s going to be hard for him to top Al-Jezeera.

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