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Friday, August 11, 2006
Why Racial Profiling Doesn’t Work
Amid the foiled terror plot in Britain and the resulting stepped-up flight restrictions, are new calls for racial profiling regarding flight screening. The argument is that for practical, convenience, and probability purposes, airport security should focus more on Muslim-looking men, rather than thoroughly screening everyone. There is a list of problems in this reasoning.

The most obvious reason racial profiling will not work is because, like Christianity, Islam is a worldwide religion with followers from every region and race. Therefore, there is nothing specific to look for regarding race and Islamic terrorists. Most people believe that Muslims come predominately from the Middle East. This is not true. Indonesia is country with the most Muslims, and the area between India and Pakistan is the region with the largest Muslim population. In fact, of the ten countries with the largest Muslim populations, only four are in the Middle East (and that’s if you count Egypt). The point is there are plenty of Asians, Africans, and Middle Eastern people that are Muslim.

Don’t think that white people are off the hook. Eastern Europe is full of white Muslims. Albania, Chechnya, Kazakhstan, Russia, Bosnia, and others all have large white Muslim populations. Not to mention the fact that many Muslims are light enough to pass as Europeans – Palestinians for example (see below).

This also overlooks the fact that not every terrorist threat is a radical Muslim. Timothy McVeigh was not a Muslim, but he hated the US government and delivered the second most devastating terrorist attack on US soil.

Then there is the female factor. Believe it or not, female terrorists exist. Admittedly, the probability of a female suicide bomber is small, but if we change our tactics to focus only on men, the terrorists will adapt. You may remember the terrorist Aafia Siddiqui. She was one of the terrorists John Ashcroft talked about in his May '04 press conference. Then there was that case of Muriel Degauque in Iraq (read more). Women suicide bomber will become more frequent if we decide to focus purely on male perpetrators.

Many say that old people should be excluded from random checks because they are the least likely to be terrorists. Although I believe this is true, there is also the possibility of a terrorist using a senile old person to smuggle dangerous liquids on board a plane.

We can’t forget that the War on Terrorism is real war. If we narrow our strategy to targeting certain types of people, the terrorists will adapt. They can easily find women and white people to do their work. Do you honestly think they will keep the same strategy if they keep failing? They won’t. If we focus on stopping young brown men from terrorist attacks, we may succeed, but only at stopping young brown men. The terrorists will move on.

As Americans, this brings up a more interesting issue. Those in favor of racial profiling on planes are actually making a bold political statement. Essentially, their right to carry water on a plane is more important that someone’s right to not be treated differently because of the color of their skin. In other words, they believe their personal convenience trumps the 14th amendment of the constitution (the right to be treated equally under the law). Ironically, there is no constitutional amendment that allows for the right to carry water bottles on planes.

Most importantly, Islam is a philosophy. It is a way of thinking. It is not a skin color, a shape of a nose, or an age. You cannot tell someone’s intentions by looking at them. You cannot look at someone and know their way of thinking. It is absurd, and it is racist.


For those of you that didn't see Paradise Now, it is a case in point argument against racial profiling. It is the story of two Palestinians (played by Palestinian actors) who dress up like Westerners in order to carry out suicide attacks.

Here they are as ugly and mean terrorists.

And this is them as cleaned up hotshot Westerners.

I know that those bent on racial profiling will say they can tell they are Middle Eastern, and I know that you are lying. You don’t have to admit it to me, but just between you and God, admit that you wouldn’t be able to profile these guys as terrorists.

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