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Friday, August 04, 2006
When Liberals Attack

Drudge posted a link to an interesting article regarding a new movie called "Jesus Camp". The best part is, Michael Moore is involved (I'll explain that in a future blog).

Ignoring a request to remove the documentary "Jesus Camp" from its lineup, Michael Moore's Traverse City (Mich.) Film Festival plans two screenings of the film, one Friday and one Saturday.

The documentary, directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, looks at a summer camp for born-again Christian children, and has won top jury awards at this year's Tribeca Film Festival and AFI SilverDocs Film Festival.

It sounds simple and uncontroversial, but (big surprise), it’s not. Here is a reaction to the movie that I was able to find.

This movie is the "Mein Kampf" of the Neoconservative party. You simply cannot afford to ignore it. 2 May 2006

If you have a liberal bone in your body, you "NEED" this, if you are a conservative, you already "KNOW" this.

I saw this haunting documentary at its Tribeca Film Festival screening and I must say, "Bravo Ladies! Bravo!" (Directed by Heidi Ewing Rachel Grady) Thank you for pulling the curtain back on the conservative movement.

All things start with the planting of seed. For humans, that means the children. This film takes us into the inner workings of the Christian conservative movement and their near militant beliefs. The Children in the film are of course very likable, but the film rather cleverly and without commentary showcases the manipulation of their innocence by their church, their parents, and the surrounding community to create a new army of believers and "world changers".

All of which serves as an eerie reminder of just how easily the human mind is broken, than molded into whatever it is a preacher, government or president wishes to do with.

I beg all liberals to watch this film when it comes to a screen near you.


This situation reminds me of another I encountered a few years back. In 2001, ABC News reporter John Stossel did a special on the indoctrination of children into the environmental movement. The difference between the indoctrination taking place at Jesus Camp and that of the environmentalists is that one takes place in a privately funded camp, and the other takes place in…brace yourself…PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

This is from the Free Republic:

The kids Stossel interviewed were found at an Earth Day fair held for schoolchildren in Los Angeles. I attended that event, and what I saw was an exercise in manipulation so cynical that it must be exposed. If Stossel won't be allowed to expose it, I will.

The children, ranging in age from 6 to 15, were bused in by the hundreds. It was an official school field trip, supported by the park service and the City Council. The students were told that Earth Day was like Mother's Day, that we celebrate Earth Day to show that we "love our mother." What would you think of someone telling your 8-year-old that if he doesn't accept a certain political agenda, that means he doesn't love his mommy?

The children were asked to sing along with the "Please Conserve" song, with lyrics like, "They want to drill our parks for oil/That will pollute their sea and soil." I'm not sure which is worse: children at a school-sponsored event being drafted to take sides on a current political controversy — or the presentation of these serious issues, which ought to be debated by thoughtful adults, in the form of a simple-minded children's song.

Nuff said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Good post, man. Great example of the Liberal double-standard. --Justin

Anonymous Guitar Guy said...
I still can't wait to see Jesus Camp!

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