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Friday, August 04, 2006
Toyota Price Gouging in Time of War
This just in:

Toyota reported a 39 percent jump in profit in its fiscal first quarter, with strong vehicle sales around the world keeping the company on a pace to possibly overtake General Motors as the world's No. 1 automaker in coming years.

Toyota's reputation for fuel-efficient cars was proving a boon at a time when drivers are balking at soaring gas prices, analysts said. Toyota Motor Corp., the world's second biggest automaker, is among a clutch of Japanese vehicle companies reporting robust results lately in contrast to the plight of the U.S. automakers.

The way people logic through the oil companies profiting nearly kills me. What is the difference between these numbers for Toyota and the numbers we read about for oil companies? THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. People say we need oil to fuel our economy, therefore, making money off it is…and who knows what the argument is. Whatever it is, it makes no sense. If oil is so important (and it is) people should be able to make lots of money off of it. When companies are allowed to profit off of oil, it encourages more exploration, innovation, and drilling. In other words, companies will try to provide more oil so that they can make money. THIS MEANS THERE WILL BE LOTS OF OIL AVALIBLE. THAT IS GOOD.

Not to mention, we need cars too. So why should Toyota be treated any differently than the oil companies? They are profiting off of high oil prices. In fact, they probably have the most to gain from high oil prices. I think we should investigate Toyota and then tax their windfall profits…in the spirit of fairness.

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