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Monday, August 28, 2006
Survivor, Rush, and Racism

Apparently, it is now racist to say one race is better at a particular sport than other races. This transcript is from Rush Limbaugh'’s radio show and comes from Media Matters. This exchange happened last week when Rush was discussing the new season of Survivor whose contestants are put in groups based on racial identity.
CALLER: You just made it something right here. When you said, right before your first break, right before your break, you said, "Who has the disadvantage for swimming?" You know, how can you say any team has a disadvantage for swimming? Which team do you think would be the better swimmers? Which team do you think would be the worst swimmers and why?
LIMBAUGH: The best swimmers?
CALLER: Go ahead and say it.
CALLER: Say the word.
LIMBAUGH: If you would just let me answer the question I'd be happy to tell you. OK, who's gonna be the best swimmers in this group. Ah, put those African-Americans, Asian-American tribe, Hispanic, uh. Well, no, I'm -- looking at the Olympics, you'd have to say the white tribe would be the best swimmers.
The first point is that Rush's show is a comedy show. If you were to read a quote from Jon Stewart's Daily Show, you would know not to take it seriously. Limbaugh'’s show is no different.

The second and more obvious point is that people say blacks are better at basketball all the time. Why should claiming that whites are better at swimming be treated any differently? Both statements are probably "racist", but they are both supported by some evidence. Most NBA players are black, and most professional swimmers are white. However, in both cases, there are too many variables to specifically say one race is better based on their genetics. The difference is, the people that say blacks are better at basketball would probably go one step farther and claim blacks are more athletic -– PERIOD. I could go on, but I rather not.
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Blogger Roehl Sybing said...
Exactly under what criteria is Rush Limbaugh's talk show determined as a comedy show?

Blogger Media Tycoon said...
If you ever listened to his show, you would know what I am talking about. When he sees something that he thinks is absurd, he highlights it with more absurdity. Then, people that hate him quote his absurd comments as literal when they are, in fact, satire. It happens all the time. If you remember, Rush was fired from ESPN for making "racist" comments. So a show that segragates people based on race would be an obvious target for him. He also made the point that NBC execs had said that some people would root for a Survivor team based on their race...that is exactly what Rush said when he was on ESPN.

He is pretty funny. However, liberals would probably not appriciate his jokes as much as a conservative. Just like how I am not a huge fan of Colbert or Stewart.

Blogger Roehl Sybing said...
I don't agree with that but I do understand the reasoning.

You did say it was a comedy show that Rush Limbaugh was running. I have listened to the show, and how his callers have interacted with the show, and I think you and I can agree that the first aim of his talk show is not to make funny but to send a message. From there, I don't believe the comparison with Stewart or Colbert is valid.

Blogger Media Tycoon said...
I do agree that his first aim is to send a message, but the same can be said for Colbert...not so much Stewart. Colbert's show is 100% satire of Republican talking heads. Quoting Rush as if he were serious all the time would be like quoting Colbert. If you aren't careful you will completely misrepresent what he is saying.

If you don't think Rush's show is a comedy act, then you have missed the point of his show entirely. BTW, many conservatives miss the point of his show as well. Every day, conservative call into his show confused about what Rush says. The problem is that if you do not listen regularly, you will never be able to understand his style because it is truly unique. He and Sean Hannity, for instance, have VERY different programs.

Blogger Democrat said...
Rush Limbaugh is a fat, conservative jackass with the face that resembles a horses ass; however, I listened to what he said on "Media Matters" and I believe that the press is taking it to the extreme. What he said is pretty clear. Everybody knows that African American's are not good swimmers, and everybody knows that Hispanics go through treachery in an attempt to get to this country; some, of course. I don't like Rush, but he didn't say anything bad, IMO.


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