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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
The Politics of Lost: Gun Control

I have recently become a fan/addict of the ABC television show Lost. For those who haven’t seen it, the show follows the tribulations of survivors of a plane crash in the South Pacific that find refuge on a mysterious island. Picture the reality show Survivor, with a side of Lord of the Flies.

Why do I like this show so much? Simply put, it is Lost’s spiritual and political undertones. I haven’t watched every episode yet, and it’s still hard to say what the point of the show is (if you’ve ever watched Lost, you know what I’m talking about), but so far the issue that has caught my attention the most – as trivial as it may seem – is the way guns are portrayed.

It seems that every time guns become part of the storyline – yes the survivors have stumbled upon a not-so-small weapons cache – the characters in the show start regurgitating liberal talking points on gun control. Here are a couple gems:

Season 1:

Jack: Uh-uh. No. I hand them out, someone hears something out in the jungle and gets scared, the chances of us shooting each other are much higher than of us shooting him.

Season 2:

John Locke: If we arm up we're just as likely to shoot each other as we are one of them.

In fact, one character is killed by friendly fire under some bewildering circumstances. Not only was the person that was shot unarmed, but the person doing the shooting was a cop with only one bullet left in the gun. As if to say, “anyone can make a mistake with such a power weapon in their hands.” Never mind the fact that a random shot in the dark (which is what happened in this situation) is extremely unlikely to kill or ever hurt anyone.

It’s just unrealistic and annoying. In a situation like that in real life, the guns would be given to those who knew how to handle them, not locked away so that there was no chance of anyone defending themselves. Not to mention, trained police officers would not shoot their last bullet into the dark at the sound of a crunching twig.

Next time…I will analyze Lost’s politics regarding torture and detainee treatment.

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