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Friday, July 28, 2006
Why They Hate the US: Ali bin Laden Sheik Mohamed III Sounds Off
Here at Conservative Bastion, we pride ourselves on our fair and balanced worldview and commentary. Today we have Ali bin Laden Sheik Mohamed III (his friends call him Mohamed) writing about the war on terrorism. We believe that fully informing our readers involves exposing you to multiple view points. He addresses the current Israel/Hezbollah issue, as well as a deep misunderstanding that he believes exists between the West and militant Islam.

Dear Americans,

Many of you are afraid of the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. A large number of you believe that it could turn into a large scale mid-east conflict with the US caught in the middle in Iraq. As scary as this may seem to you, it is very scary to Muslims. We do not want to fight the US, Israel, and whoever else decides to join the fight. Frankly, I know we would lose. Even if we were able to drive out you infidels, it would come at a high cost. Millions would die, and billions of dollars would be needed to rebuild. Everyone knows that, but only I know the solution.

The War on Terrorism stems from deep misunderstanding on the infidel side. What is the misunderstanding centered on? Women and sex. I knew that would increase your heathen attention span.

The West prides itself in allowing its women to behave in any way they see fit and the results have been disastrous. Rampant abortion, 30% of your children are born out of wedlock, half of your marriages end in divorce, and worst of all, the advent of feminists. These are just byproducts of Western “freedom”.

The root of the problem is the idea that women can make their own decisions. Most women subliminally acknowledge that they like men to make the decisions for them. Even American women admit this. It is human nature. It is the way Allah (and Mohammed is his prophet) intended it.

Enough talk. I know you infidels have unusually short attention spans. The following are juxtapositions between the Islamic world and the West.

These two are proof women can’t even eat without the guidance of a man. Women in the West, because of liberal ideas, value themselves less than Muslim women do. This has helped lead to obesity in the land of the infidels.

These are the Muslim equivalents. The one on the left is called the "Muslim Madonna" and the one on the right is Osama bin Laden's niece. No obesity here.

These pictures were taken during the "Cedar Revolution" in Lebanon. These women look good because they know their place and are therefore good natured.

These are pictures from a pro-abortion rally in the US. Not only are your women decisively uglier, but judging by the material written on their posters, they lack any sense of class, tact, and intelligence.

Here are a couple pictures of women taking care of the homes during the day in America. Oh that’s right, American women have jobs and ignore their homes.

Americans ignore their homes, but not good holy Muslims. They still care about their families because they have not been infiltrated by the heathen ideas...yet. On the left, the man is so generous, he decided to help his female companion (we call them wives, but you heathens don't even bother getting married anymore).

I like America, I really do. So the following picture is meant as a warning of what is coming your way if you do not repent from your heathen ways.

Don’t just assume this won’t happen to your country. Why do you think Europe has zero growth? Their women are so repulsive, that the men can not find it in themselves to impregnate them. I caution you American, you are just 20 years away from a similar situation.

I know what you infidels are thinking: "so where is the picture of a cleanly shaven Muslim woman?" You dirty infidels i ought to kill you. Just kidding, I love America, but Muslim women will not be exploited for their sexuality. Just trust me on this one, they take care of themselves. They do it because they still respect themseleves (unlike those French whores). Which brings me back to my original point.

These ideas are dangerous and contrary to Islam. Rightly or wrongly, many of my people believe that they threaten our way of life. Jihad, although I believe is misguided, tries its best push back the influence of the West so that we may retain our traditions and avoid the ugly women syndrome (UWS). So for the love of Allah (and Mohammed is his prophet) let us be.

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