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Saturday, July 22, 2006
Just some quick food for thought.

On Friday, the white house will be hosting American Idol finalists, including Taylor Hicks. Hicks, the latest American Idol, won with over 63 Million Votes. Dubya, who won with 2004 election with the most votes ever in a presidential election, had 59 Million votes. Says something about the collective mind of the American people, doesn't it?
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Blogger Media Tycoon said...
The only problem is that you can vote an unlimited amount of times in American idol...and it's by phone. i would venture to say that if voting had the same conditions in presidential elections, there would probably be over 100 billion votes cast.

The point remains relavent because when the President has gone head to head with American Idol with a press confrence in the past, he has either lost, or barely won. AND HE HAS ABOUT 10 CHANNELS.

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