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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Stem Cell Funding Debate

Today, the President vetoed a bill that would have expanded the federal funding of stem cell research. It is the first time the President used his veto power in his six years in office. The veto broke the hearts of many who seem to believe that the only way to fund scientific research is through the federal government. Some are so hysterical, that they claim the president is outlawing stem cell research. This is not true.

If the politicians, celebrities, and liberals spent as much time at fund raisers for stem cell research as they did complaining about the President’s stance, they would have all the money they needed. In fact, let’s says that 60% of Americans favor stem cell research (as some have claimed during this debate). Let’s say half of those people, for some reason or another, decide they don’t want to give money privately to support the research. That leaves 30% of America (90 million people) that would fund it privately. If each of these people gave $25 a year for 10 years, there would be $22.5 billion (or $2.25 billion a year). I don’t know how much the proponents of this bill wanted, but certainly, if Americans really care about stem cell research, no one is stopping them from giving money on their own.

This issue is a microcosm of American politics. The fact is that if the Founding Fathers were alive today, they would oppose the federal funding of stem cell research. They wrote the constitution with the intent of forming minimalist government. Stem cell research is the perfect example of why they wanted this. There are tens of millions of Americans that believe this type of research is morally wrong. Yet the left (who claim to be against shoving moral values on others) insist that these people must pay taxes that fund stem cell research, regardless of their beliefs. Talk about making a mockery of the constitution (as was claimed in the flag burning amendment debate).

So if you want stem cell research funded, join a fund raising group and go door to door, make phone calls, whatever gets the job done. Don’t go to your congressman and expect him to coerce your neighbors to do your dirty work through taxes.

A good article on this subject.
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Blogger halliburton said...
Ann Coulter makes a good point in Godless that we've already made enourmous headway in adult stemcell research. It has been used to treat a looong list of things, whereas embryonic stemcells have done NOTHING. All of the experiments with them have failed. She believes (and I agree) that liberals are pushing embryonic stemcell research in order to desensitize us more so that abortion won't seem so bad. After all, if we start "harvesting" embryos for scientific experiments (and later destroying them), then what's so bad about abortion? It's just another embryo...

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