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Friday, July 14, 2006
Smith Disappearance Linked to Bush's Quagmire in Iraq
Last night, I was pondering various world events as I watched Israel bomb Lebanon on Fox News. One of the stories I thought about was the one regarding George Smith. He is the man that disappeared on July 5th of last year while on a cruise between Greece and Turkey. The story has reentered the news cycle because his widow recently received a monetary settlement from the cruise liner.

This is just one aspect of the story though. To this day, no one knows what happened to George Smith. Part of the reason is that he disappeared in international waters, making it difficult (supposedly) for law enforcement officials to determine jurisdiction. We soon found out that this case fell under the jurisdiction of the FBI and they have been hounded for their effort in this case.

Some people have come up with excuses for the FBI. They say that the FBI can’t go on every cruise to baby-sit Americans, and that bad things will inevitably happen on these cruises. They say the best the FBI can do is investigate crimes like these once the ship gets to port.

I say that isn’t good enough and we all know who is to blame for this. George Bush. Many acknowledge that the reason we haven’t found Osama yet, is because Bush is preoccupied with Iraq. We all know the president isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, so this means he (and every other person in the federal government) can only focus on one aspect of foreign policy. They have chosen Iraq and look where it has gotten us.

What's the connection? I'm glad you asked.

Bush would rather have FBI agents in Iraq going after “terrorists” (Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism…ever) and the so-called “villain”, Saddam Hussein (really about oil), rather than protecting Americans on cruise ships. This is another example of Bush’s malfeasance regarding foreign policy. If we had only not gone into Iraq…imagine it. North Korea would have never got nukes, Iran would have been nice to us, we would have caught Osama, France would still be our friends, Iraq would be a better place, and George Smith would still be alive.

Bush really does suck.
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