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Thursday, July 27, 2006
Opposing Israel = Anti-Semitic?
Some people on the right have insinuated that people who oppose the ongoing Israeli action against Hezbollah are anti-Semitic. Conservatives should know better because they have to deal with this all the time.

When conservatives oppose illegal immigration, welfare, and English as the official language of the US they are labeled racists (even though language and race have nothing to do with each other). When they oppose gay marriage, they are bigots. When they oppose the ports deal, they are called xenophobes (which I agree with).

The point is, Republicans HATE being called bigots, racists, and xenophobes, so why would they do the same to those that oppose the prolonged Israeli action against Hezbollah? It would be just as easy to say that those who support Israel are racist against Arabs, but that would be foolish too.

As Americans, we can not get drawn into these petty debates over who is racist and who isn’t. If someone opposes Israel’s military action and can articulate why in a logical manner that is not racist, it must be debated with logic, not name calling.

Conservatives know that playing the race card is not an argument, but a cheap political trick to hush up the opposition. Not to mention, there are good arguments (not so much a good argument, but it reveals the mindset of those in the current situationon) why Israel should not continue their current action.

Some are already seeing through the smokescreen.

As you may have noticed, the right isn’t the only side throwing around the term “anti-Semitic”.

Democrat leader Howard Dean called the Iraqi prime minister an "anti-Semite" during an address before party loyalists on Wednesday, drawing a swift rebuke from Republicans. The Democratic National Committee chairman also called Republican Senate candidate Katherine Harris a "crook" and compared her to Stalin.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who addressed a joint session of Congress Wednesday, came under fire from Democrats for recent comments on the conflict in Lebanon between Israel and the terrorist group Hezbollah. Al-Maliki hasn't condemned Hezbollah, but he criticized the "Israeli aggression."

Howard Dean is unbelievable. I can only imagine what Maliki said to President Bush regarding the Democratic response to his visit to Washington.

“Don’t they get that I am walking a tightrope in Iraq? Don’t they understand that if I condemn Hezbollah and support Israel that my country would grow more unstable? Don’t they understand that this is just politics?”

It must be frustrating for him to have to be verbally and politically attacked by politicians from a country that he is trying to help (by stabilizing Iraq and allowing for US troops withdrawals).

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