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Sunday, July 23, 2006
The Open-minded Fallacy

I was browsing Myspace profiles, minding my own business, when I had an epiphany. One of the profiles I stumbled upon said this under the “heroes” section (the part of the site where a person lists their heroes):

Originals, intellectuals, musicians, writers, Chuck Klosterman, Bono (mwuahahaha), other open-minded and loving people not afraid to be themselves

This is a typical heroes list for young liberals. Liberal logic dictates that the virtue of being “open-minded” trumps just about everything else. To a liberal, being open-minded is synonymous with being liberal. In other words, if you aren't liberal, you are not open-minded.

Ironically, this particular list of "heroes" does not reveal an open-minded person at all. It sounds much more like a list written by an elitist rather than a list of someone that loves diversity. Diversity of liberals is an odd thing though. They tend to focus on race and origin rather than mindset or philosophy when speaking of “diversity”. I digress…

Think about it this way, someone that is “open-minded” would not limit themselves to others that were “open-minded”. A true open-minded person can be anyone’s friend. Conservative, liberal, anti-abortion, pro-abortion, Democrat, Republican, religious, non-religious - it wouldn't matter. Someone that says they want "open-minded" friends may as well say they want like-minded friends. There is nothing wrong with that, but it certainly is not open-minded.

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