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Monday, July 10, 2006
The Moral Values Fallacy

Denouncing the merger of politics and moral values has become a popular rhetorical tool in America. While, separating religion and politics has always been a central belief in the US, it is not enough for some. Recently, there has been a push to upgrade the idea of a separation of religion and politics to the separation of morals and politics. This belief is most common among Democrats, and they often cite the “separation of church and state” as the basis for this set of beliefs. The problem is, morals and religion are two very different things.

Most people would agree that murder is morally wrong, but it is also a religious belief (see the Ten Commandments). On the other hand, belief in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is a religious belief. The difference can be subtle at times, but it is usually pretty clear. When an idea transcends multiple religions (gay marriage, abortion, etc.) it is probably safe to say it is not a religious belief, rather, it is a moral that many people from many backgrounds agree with.

Many fail to realize that at its core, the moral values argument is a fallacy. Besides the few citizens that vote based on their racial identity, most voters in this country choose candidates and political parties based on ideas. Whether it be the environment, economics, foreign policy, welfare, gun rights, or abortion, parties and voters choose sides based on their sense of right and wrong. In other words, they vote based on their moral values.

Despite both major political parties aggressively trying to instate their moral values, only one party is usually associated with it. It is often said that Republicans are leading a crusade to push their moral values on America (or something like that).

Same-sex marriage is a good example of this one-sidedness. Keeping the laws the way they have been since the founding of the country is not shoving morals down others throats. If anything, changing laws that have been in place from the beginning of time would fit that category. Yet Democrats insist that it is the other way around. Ironically, the Democratic Party deserves most of the blame when it comes to morals in politics.

While Democrats claim to be against forcing values on others, they are responsible for creating the most invasive aspect of the government today – the welfare state. Currently, our national budget is around $2.6 trillion. The three biggest injections of moral values into our government ($1 trillion worth) are Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

Each one of these programs forces a value onto the citizens of this country that many do not agree with. Certain citizens may prefer to buy a TV, a car, or a house, but the government coerces taxpayers to pay for the healthcare and retirement of someone who is unwilling to pay for it themselves. When you see someone pay for their groceries with food stamps and buy $50 worth of lottery tickets with their own money, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Regardless of whether one views welfare as productive or moral, there are other practical problems. These problems range from a creation of a sense of entitlement among welfare receivers, its coercive nature, the fact that it leads to apathy, and its wasteful nature, which hurts the overall economy. Coercion, however, is the key. Some people don’t want anything to do with welfare, so why make them be a part of it?

Unlike the abstract fears of global warming, evil corporations, NSA wiretaps, Janet Jackson’s breasts, and goblins, the fear of economic coercion (welfare) is real. The affects are not somewhere in the future that may or may not affect us; they are tangible and have been affecting us for 40 years. It is a moral value imposed on taxpayers by the government and those who claim to be against moral coercion. The fact that certain individuals lack the intellectual ability to understand this is disturbing, but that isn’t the problem. The argument is outright dishonest, and they know it.

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