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Saturday, July 08, 2006
If I Ruled the World: Federal Spending

When I was surfing the internet a while back, I found a site that has a Federal budget simulation. It lets you adjust spending and taxes and tells you how big your deficit would be at the end of the year. It is interesting to see how much our government spends on various projects. Anyways, here is my budget if I had control of federal spending. My main principle is that if a state can do it and it doesn’t involve national security, let them do it.

Your New Budget

Budget Totals

Old budget: $2673 billion in spending

New budget: 1053.6 billion in spending

You have cut the deficit by $1619.4 billion.

Spending ($1053.6 billion: cut $1619.39 billion)

Military Spending ($446.11 billion)

Military spending will not change in my world, not because I think we NEED a large peace time military, but because we can. However, in my world, they wouldn’t just be sitting around playing cards all day, they would help secure the borders and ports.

Iraq and Afghanistan Operations ($111.85 billion)

No matter how much I would like to cut 111 billion off the budget, it is a bad idea. Spending in Iraq and Afghanistan will go down with time.

Military Retirement ($115.48 billion)

Can’t touch the retirement that military personnel earned.

International affairs ($18.59 billion: cut $12.99 billion)

I would keep everything here pretty much the same except for eliminating the federal funding of humanitarian aid. Americans give enough on their own; we don’t need the feds involved. Besides, many international problems have been made worse by “humanitarian aid” being stolen and used to prop up dictators.

General science, space, and technology ($19.17 billion: cut $4.79 billion)

My world deregulates space, which will end the near monopoly currently held by the US government. It also allows for cuts in science.

Non-Defense Energy Spending ($0.64 billion: cut $1.47 billion)

States can control their own energy, but just in case, there is still $640 million dollars to throw around if we need it.

Natural resources and environment ($10.45 billion: cut $20.7 billion)

This category is another example the feds grossly overstepping their territory. Things like natural resources, pollution control, and land management should be left up to the states.

For instance, Californians cares a lot more about protecting the environment than Texans. So rather than making them follow the same environmental laws, allow them to write their own.

Agriculture ($0 billion: cut $26.01 billion)

I believe social welfare is not defendable, but corporate welfare is worse.

Commerce and Housing Loan Programs ($-5.24 billion: cut $12.05 billion)

The postal service can be privatized and other spending on “advancing commerce” is not needed.

For some reason, the federal housing loan programs and the universal service fund bring in more money then they spend. Whatever the reason, that is why total spending for this category is negative.

Transportation ($21.2 billion: cut $49.46 billion)

Every state can construct and maintain their roads. Why federalize any of this? Federalizing transportation spending leads to cases of wasteful spending like the “bridge to nowhere”. There is still $21 billion worth of spending to spread around - just in case.

Community and regional development ($9.99 billion: cut $9.1 billion)

The feds don’t need to be involved in community, area, or regional development. Frankly, I would cut disaster insurance and relief if I could, but that may go too far.

Education ($0 billion: cut $64.06 billion)

Education is run locally, that’s one of the things that makes America great.

Training, labor and unemployment ($1.6 billion: cut $46.2 billion)

No federal unemployment compensation cuts $39 billion, cutting the federal funding of “training and employment” saves and additional $7 billion. The only programs that remain funded are “labor law, statistics, and other administration”.

Non-Medicare Health Spending ($40.24 billion: cut $213.07 billion)

Cut everything except Indian health, disease control, public health, bioterrorism (presumably defending against it), and food safety.

Medicare ($0 billion: cut $345.74 billion)

All welfare should be left up to the states. Some states love welfare, others don’t. The states that like lots of welfare should not be able to force their values on other states.

Civilian Retirement (Social Security excluded) ($33.57 billion: cut $38.45 billion)

Since my world has much less government, we can assume there will be a lot less federal workers, therefore, less retirement by federal employees.

Aid to Low-Income Families ($0 billion: cut $206.76 billion)

(see medicare)

General Family Support ($0 billion: cut $25.61 billion)

(see medicare)

Social security ($0 billion: cut $544.81 billion)

Two points:

  1. Retirement is no business of the governments. If a person wants to retire, they need to make the right decisions to do so.
  2. Even if you think the government should be involved, it should be a state issue. There is no reason for the feds to be involved. (Same goes for the disability portion of SS).

Administration of justice ($53.55 billion: increased $10.45 billion)

Everything pretty much stays the same in this section except that Border security gets doubled in my world. Increasing overall spending by $10.45 billion

General government administration ($9.31 billion: cut $8.43 billion)

This section represents spending by the legislative and executive offices, as well as the IRS and other random government crap. Since the federal government is cut by more than half in my world, I’m sure the legislature and executive branches could use a few cuts.

Also, since the IRS doesn’t exist in my world, the government could save an additional $7 billion dollars.

Net_interest_long ($211.08 billion)

Can you believe we pay $211 billion on interest on our national debt each year?

Undistributed offsetting receipts and allowance ($-43.99 billion)

I’m not even sure what this is, so I didn’t change it.

I know it’s a pipe dream, but it would be nice.

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