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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Discrimination in the Work Place
Of all the forms of discrimination, sex and race is the most frowned upon in our society. There are various problems with laws protecting these types of discrimination.

*How is discrimination determined? If you think about, determining discrimination would be very subjective. Not unlike the FCC determining indecency...

*Even if discriminations is proved, what next? Would the “victim” want to work for that person?

*Some employers have legitimate reasons to “discriminate.” For instance, prison guards, firefighters, police officers, and construction workers (among others) are all physically oriented jobs in which strength and physical conditioning could mean the difference between life and death. From the female perspective, there are babysitters, elementary school teachers, Hooters servers , and F O X N E W S babes.

*Regarding race, if you run a restaurant (say Chinese or Mexican), you would be making a good decision to hire Chinese or Mexicans. This type of “discrimination” would not only promote the quality and authenticity of the food, but it would also help build a positive ambiance.

My point is this: I would much rather be turned away from my job for my race or gender as opposed to my physical appearance. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the people that would at, Abercrombie and other similar stores. In other words, would you rather be called fat/ugly or (fill in your race and gender here).

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