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Thursday, July 06, 2006
Bush Drug Problem Nonsense

As I was surfing the web this weekend, I stumbled upon a series of articles by Patrick Moore regarding President Bush’s sobriety. Here are some of the cheap shots:

When the president lies down to rest is his mind quiet? No, I suspect his sleep is troubled by the guilty thoughts of an alcoholic who knows he has been dishonest and arrogant throughout the day.


Like most alcoholics, the president is a frequent liar, but he is not a particularly good one. He has surrounded himself with advisors who embrace the strategy that if one repeats a lie (such as the link between Iraq and 9/11) over and over with complete conviction that it becomes true. The president often looks tired and slightly embarrassed when he utilizes this strategy. His smirk doesn't quite hide the sadness that haunts alcoholics who are dishonest. Even if Mr. Bush lies publicly, we can only hope, for his sake, that he has some trusted friend in whom he can confide in private to clear his conscience.


President Bush cannot be of service to his country until he looks inward and surrenders to the fact that he is an alcoholic, with all the challenges the disease of alcoholism carries with it. And the millions of citizens who are opposed to Bush's policies must also surrender to the fact that we have an alcoholic president. How else to make sense of his administration without condemning him personally?

When I skimmed over parts of the five articles I became lost. Is this guy serious? Is it a metaphor? I would have sworn he was using the idea of alcoholism to help illustrate the blunders he perceives with the administration. The problem is that he is writing as an “expert” under the health section at Yahoo. Even if he didn’t mean it literally it would be classless at best. A health expert should know better that to mock someone’s illness. It reminds me of when Howard Dean mocked Rush Limbaugh’s addiction to pain killers.

That aside, why and how could anyone still care about Bush’s so-called alcoholism anyways? It is an election device, kind of like the Swift Boat Vets, except much less effective. No one talks about the Swift Boat guys anymore. That’s over. So why is anyone talking about Bush’s substance abuse?

I don’t have the answer, but it seems hypocritical. The whole liberal obsession with Bush’s cocaine and alcohol days confuses me. The left is constantly trying to use his past abuse as proof that he is moron today. Two things:

1. It is in the past. Whatever happened to forgiveness? If we can forgive Robert Bryd for being in the KKK, I think we can forgive Bush for pretty much anything.

2. Some use Bush’s past addiction against him, but it should actually be used in his favor. Anyone that is able to overcome addiction and become president deserves a pat on the back, not a constant reminder of past faults.

There are certain instances where bringing up this past would be warranted. For instance, if Bush was found passed out next to a pile of cocaine. Until then – people need to drop it – like the tax rates under a Republican president.

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Keep up the good work man.
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This is really good work...for a high schooler.

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