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Sunday, June 25, 2006
War on Al-Qaeda or Terrorism
This past week the US Senate debated when and how to withdraw troops from Iraq. It led to nothing, but once again, some Democrats questioned the legitimacy of the war. One of the major arguments against the war in Iraq is that the United States should be focusing its attention and resources against those who were directly involved in the planning, financing, and executing of the 9/11 plot, namely Al-Qaeda. This thinking sets up an interesting premise that is very debatable

The first implication of this argument is that after the 9/11 attacks, America’s first objective was or should have been to find or kill Osama bin Laden. The problem with this is that Osama bin Laden is hiding in a country (Pakistan) that is free, but teetering on the possibility of becoming a fundamentalist state. Our relationship with the Pakistani government is fragile and our number one priority with Pakistan must be to keep the current government in power.

Those that suggest otherwise offer a dangerous alternative. Should we invade Pakistan? Should we violate their sovereignty and embarrass the democratically elected government? Invasion would be foolish for many reasons, but the size of Pakistan is enough reason to suppress any serious talk about it. With 165 million people, Pakistan has almost three times the population of Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

The fact is, the US may or may not get Osama anytime soon. We have to deal with that and do our best to find other terrorists wherever they may be.

Another premise created by this argument is that Iraq was inherently a bad target of US foreign policy since it was not directly associated with Al-Qaeda. This logic is like saying the Crypts have nothing to do with MS-13, therefore US federal law enforcement should not go after the Crypts in its war on drugs. Many gangs sell drugs, and as long as we are going to fight a war on drugs, we should target all gangs, not just the one gang that kills the most people.

Similarly, the US can not just fight a war against one terrorist group. It is an absurd notion. All Osama has to do in that scenario is change the name of his group from Al-Qaeda to People for the End of Tyranny by America, or something similar to that.

The problem is that many still deny Iraq had anything to do with terrorism. To believe that one must ignore Iraq’s on again off again relationship with the State Departments list of state sponsors of international terror since 1979, Saddam’s military officials[1], the financing of suicide bombers in Palestine[2], and the existence of terrorist camps.[3][4]

Unfortunately, the President and Congressional Republican’s have done their best to ignore the war, hoping the public would forget the war.
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