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Thursday, June 29, 2006
NOFX Rebuttal
I have decided to test the patience of the liberal punk rock band NOFX. I will post a rebuttal to their song "You're Wrong" on their myspace page. If you are not familiar with that song (most sane people aren't), you can get the gist of it here. It is pretty obnoxious, but at the same time, very clever. So clever, that I couldn't let it go unchallanged. I wrote this a couple weeks ago when I had nothing better to do. I am expecting some some hate mail as a result, and I will post updates on the numbers (or lack there of) later.

My version:

You're wrong about the virtues of Liberalism
And you're wrong about American imperialism
If you've ever had what Rush calls a Gorbasm, you're wrong

You're wrong, if you think the Daily Show is news
And you're wrong, if you think Al Sharpton's got a clue
If you pick Palestinians over the Jews, you're wrong

You're wrong for saving whales, recycling nails
If you think you're going to save the world
You're wrong, about free healthcare and for liking Steve Colbert
'Cause his butt is unfurled

You're wrong about unbridled immigration
And you're wrong, about no voucher education
If you reject the army defending the nation, you're wrong

You're wrong when you regulate mag capacity
And you're wrong if you hate seeing a Christmas tree
If you think ending AIDS involves a condom tree, you're wrong

You're wrong, about shunning lush and mocking Bush
You're a mother fucking deutsch
You're wrong 'bout drug usin', and nuclear fusion
I wish on you a brain contusion

You're party's in a great Schism
A victim of social Darwinism
'cause you're wrong, and will probably never know

I have a feeling the comment will be removed from their website. Of course, that would be close minded and censorship...which would make them Rush Limbaugh. We will see what happens. Let the great experiment begin! Posted by Picasa
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