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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Flag Burning & Burning Rush
The Flag Burning Amendment was voted down by one vote in the Senate today. The final vote was 66-34. For some clarification, the amendment would only allow Congress to regulate flag desecration, rather than actually outlawing it.

Rush Limbaugh is in the news again today. Customs agents caught him with a bottle of Viagra that had someone elses name on it. It isnt big news except for the fact that a substantial amount of the country hates Rush Limbaugh more than they hate Osama bin Laden.

Many are jumping at the chance to highlight Rush's apparent hypocrisy. Afater all, Republicans support abstinence to the chagrin of many liberals, yet Rush is not married. This apparently proves that abstinence has failed.

It is always interesting to me when one person calls another a hypocrite. By human nature, we are all hypocrites. We all have ideals and morals that we do not always live up to. Technically, just calling someone a hypocrite makes you a hypocrite because you are a hypocrite.

Part of the problem with social conservatives is that they tend to have higher standards than the average person. This makes hypocrisy much easier to point out among people like Rush.

In my book, environmentalists that fly around in private jets are still the biggest hypocrites of all. Any Democrat caught flying in a private jet should get the Rush treatment from here on out. Posted by Picasa
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