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Monday, June 26, 2006
Flag Burning Amendment
It looks like there is a good chance that a Constitutional amendment banning flag burning could pass the US Senate this week. It would then go to the States where it has a decent chance at passing. Despite Republicans making up the base of the support for the amendment, I oppose it for the following reasons.

5. No one takes flag burners seriously. Banning flag burning would just make them martyrs and justify their cause.

4. Trivializes the US Constitution

3. Burning Flags doesn’t hurt anyone or anything except the feelings a few. Aren’t conservatives against the politically correct crowd that tries to ban offensive behavior and words?

2. Many of these flag burners are childlike. Once laws are made, they will find new clever ways to circumvent the law. A list of some of the things they could do:
A) Burn microscopic flags
B) Burn small paper flags
C) Burn flags that have one less star or one less stripe, therefore it wouldn’t technically be an American flag, but would still very much resemble one
D) Show the burning of a flag in a cartoon, drawing, or computer animation

1. Who cares? We have had people burning the flag for years. What have they accomplished? What could they ever accomplish?

My argument against the amendment doesn’t include anything about flag burning being a sacred right that is crucial for our freedom to survive. I think people that say that are ridiculous. Banning flag burning does not make America less free. We did not fight the Revolution to be able to burn our own flag. I won’t cry if the amendment passes, but I won’t celebrate either. Posted by Picasa
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